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About us

The Castor Association of America DNA Project is researching surnames Caster, Castor, Coster, Cursiter, Custard, Custer, Custerd, DeCastorer, Gerster, Kaster, Keister, Kester, Kiester, Kister, Koester, Koster, Kuester, Kuster and other variations. The members of the Castor Association of America began their journey searching for ancestors in the late 1970's. The results from the research established 200+ different men as the oldest known ancestor for their lines. The paper trail evidence tying these men to each other has not been found. In some cases, circumstantial evidence suggests a tie to another line while in other cases there is not enough to say "Yes, this man's ancestors are . . . " The Custer DNA Project has been successful in linking some of the unknown oldest known ancestor to those who have a road block in their line. It also has been able to indicate where more research is needed to find the paper trail links. It is a real challenge to manage the Custer DNA project website as it gets larger and larger. The main goal of the Custer DNA project is to link Custer Families together regardless of the variations of spelling the surname. We welcome anyone who is interested in collaborating on family history and using genetic testing to assist our research efforts. An interested member has started a new to focus on the growing family group of Paulus Kuster born in 1644. It is just now getting started to focus on the direct lineages of Paulus. If you are a descendant of Paulus Kuster fell free to visit and join us to link the Paulus Kuster families together.