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Version française de la FAQ:


Grouping of results is reviewed from time to time. It is usually made so as to group results according to a migrant to New France, Acadia, Louisiana or Huguenot.

Y-DNA is often based on the presence of 2 coherent results for migrants to New France, Acadia, Louisiana or Huguenots. However, many cases were not examined and are found in the ungrouped section. When, according to the description of the participant, the male line leads to someone not from the French world, then it is put in the last section "Zz Observer".

MT-DNA were studied in early 2018 using the short description of the results. Groups were created accordingly. If the results show no identifiable pioneer or if there is no migrant (i.e. all in France lnies), they were grouped by haplogroup (names with Zy and the group, i.e. ZyK for haplogroup K). If the summary indicates a not-French origin or migration path, then the result is in one Zz sections at he end.

In both cases, please advise for special cases like huguenots to England/Netherland then USA for example. Write at  
dna @
Remember there are 1000s of results to group.

Target is to group by the name of a pioneer/gateway ancestor, year of marriage and spouse (no ambiguity)

Lists of pioneers:

I made some lists of pioneers on my web site. The lists include all the people in a category and the DNA haplogroup is shown when known. The lists are refreshed about 2 or 3 times/year.



Colors used for grouping (starting May 2018):

Gold - DNA signature proven by triangulation
Pink - The pioneer is identified (spouse is usually named) but not yet triangulated
Turquoise - The pioneer is not identified (usually because the description of the farrest ancestor is not clear enough).  Can also be NPE.
White - Not yet processed.
Lime - Based on the farrest ancestor or online genealogy, that ancestor is not French in a genealogical time (i.e. from papertrail).