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About us

We are a diversified y-DNA (plus - we use not only mt-DNA but also at-DNA in matching up generations in family lines of our y-DNA family groups) project with a goal of discovering family relationships from the river highways of the Great Lakes and Northern Rivers, through Pennsylvania to the the early Western Carolinas valleys & rivers. The highways of early North America were the river systems from the south and the wider mid-Atlantic, north through the Niagara to Algonquin. Settlers came from all over & made homes along the water systems from the Atlantic, eventually to the Pacific & from the Tundra to Tierra del Fuego. We are a group of families & researchers who are those families & are using not only y-DNA, but also mt-DNA and at-DNA studies to identify and remember our families. Arrival records might be scarce but as we test DNA we learn that some of the families who arrived in the Americas did not just come from across the pond in recent times but came from the north & New France, today's Quebec, Canada, from the southern sphere and from Africa and the far and middle east. Our families are world wide and one goal is to take our families back "across all the ponds", both directions east and west. Wilma Dykeman's book, The French Broad, 1955 was a source of inspiration for early families of The New River, The Dan River, The Yadkin River, The Catawba River and our own French Broad River. We hope we can meet our goals of research and time, age and health will not hinder.