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Carroll  (  Roger) Jenkins Carroll ( Roger) Jenkins
April 11, 2015 @ 2:43pm
I am looking for Pa trick Foy b Ireland and his wife Anna Mccanah as entered on their daughter Kate Foy Ellsworth death certificate in Pine Hill NY 1896 .From age given she was born in Ulster County 1858. She had 1 daughter Annie who was my husband's grandmother .My mother in law wrote her story .Patrick was supposedly a ferry man in Ulster Co.NY but I could never find him. Katie married Jesse Ellsworth and had 1 son and 3 daughters . Her son was killed in a train accident in NY state and I am in contact with his family .I met one of his daughters Mabel in Broadstreet Hollow NY. I wish I had been into Fm Hx then . Francis Fox is a name that seems to come to me .
Donald Foy
July 6, 2015 @ 6:13pm
Annie Foy and Bridgit Foy are common names in my geneology. Dominic Foy is also appearing every generation. The first son was named for the paternal grandfather and the second son for the maternal grandfather. So lots of John, James, Dominic and Patrick over and over.
Carroll ( Roger) Jenkins
July 19, 2015 @ 10:04pm
Were they in Ulster County NY in 1850 -1880
Elizabeth Paullin Terrell
January 4 @ 7:43pm
I have in my tree a Catherine FOY b Jan 1877 Kingston NY (acc to tree, no proof) d 29 Oct 1895 Alleben, NY, USA. Parents: Patrick FOY (1845-) b Co Mayo, Ireland+Mary A MCCANN or NOLAN (1847-); Patrick b Ireland and Mary A b Adjala, Ontario, Canada. They were m at Immaculate Conception church, ON, Canada. Siblings of Catherine include Mary Louise, b ON, Canada; Bridget Anne b ON, d St. Ignace, Mackinac, Michigan, USA; Margaret Agnes b ON 1870; d ON 1876; Patricia b ON, 1874, d 1876 ON. I have never heard of Alleben NY but perhaps it is Albany? Others from Mayo lived in Franklin, NY?
Claire Dannatt Claire Dannatt
May 8, 2015 @ 5:01pm
Hi I am looking for any information about James Foy born c1873 County Mayo. His father was Patrick Foy and Bridget Foy (i believe her maiden name was Foy but can't be sure). They were also born county Mayo. I have found 1901 census for a james Foy but can't be sure they are the same. Address is in Bohola and mother and father are Patrick and Bridget. Also the siblings listed on the census have the same names as James children born in Rotherham, England. He came over to England some time between 1901 and 1906 as he married Hannah Hull in 1906 Wakefield, England. does any of this ring a bell with anyone?
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Donald Foy
July 6, 2015 @ 6:11pm
Foys are from Scotland, clan McFee , sept Fee or Foy, sometimes Fox My tracing of the Foy family starts in Ireland then to Ontario and Quebec, Canada, then to Ohio. In hard economic times the Irish often got work in England and then returned to Ireland, so children were born or marriages in England. The early Foys were farmers of flax or had seep for wool and later were weavers, both in England and in Ireland.
Carroll ( Roger) Jenkins
July 29, 2016 @ 5:58pm
My husband 's great grandmomma was Kate (? Katherine )and death certificate says father Patrick Foy b Ireland.However her mother is listed as Anna Mccanah and I thought it sounded Scottish
Elizabeth Paullin Terrell
January 4 @ 3:20pm
I think this FOY family is the same as mine, pls see my post below after Michael. Bohola is rural south Ballina, formerly in Co Sligo. My FOYs all lived south area Carramore, Rathkip neighborhoods.
Elizabeth Paullin Terrell
January 4 @ 3:21pm
Carrol/Roger could you give dates for Catherine/Cate please? I have a bunch.
Michael Foy Michael Foy
May 17, 2016 @ 8:01pm
My Foy family came from County Mayo Ireland. From the Swinford area. Matthew Edward Foy b. 1872 d. 1954 and his wife Anna Forkan from Kiltimagh, Mayo b. 1876 d. 1937.They settled in Phila. PA. Matthew had a sister in Coatesville PA Kate Cochlin. My Father said we had Van Hornes in the family but I have not made the connection yet. I think one had a TV shop on 26th St and New Jersey Ave in North wildwood
Elizabeth Paullin Terrell
January 4 @ 3:10pm
I am FORD+FOY, FORD is sometimes written as FORKIN. My FOY is FOY+MANLEY (MUNNELLY), all from Mayo. I think we come from the same line of FOYs. My g'g'father Patrick Edward FOY b 1798 Mayo, d 1876 Chicago, farmed Waukegan IL 1850; em from Ballina 1848.In the 1830's he lived in Carramore townland, just sw of Ballina and w of Mt. Falcon Estate, n but not far from Swineford. I have Thomas FOY (1798-1839) + Cath. MORAN, as parents of Matthew; there were also HORANs in Ballina who em to Lackawanna PA, perhaps MORAN=HORAN/HORNE?? Matthew FOY (1807-1880) who m the OLIVER sisters Bridget then Cate has Thomas 1789 listed as father, but Thomas could be father or brother of my Patrick Edward FOY & your Matthew? If we use Gedmatch, may show how far back. At least 3 FOYs m MANLEY/MUNNELLY in Kilmoremoy Diocese, including mine. my Pat lived in Carramore (sw of Ballina and w of Mt. Falcon) in 1830's, same general area as Swineford. You will find HORANs in Lackawanna PA, in my tree m to FORD family fr Ballina. DNA match shared fr 2 of my MANLEY cousins to Mat. FOY (1874) line. Parents of Matthew Edward FOY 1874: Patrick FOY (1835-1920)+Mary BRENNAN (1849-1997). Parents of Patrick 1835: Matthew FOY (1807-1880)+Catherine Cate OLIVER (1807-1880) his 2nd wife. If Thomas 1789, Matthew 1807, and Patrick Edward 1798 were brothers, then est birth of their father would b 1760. My Patrick Edward had sons Martin John, Peter, John, Patrick Jr., William, Michael & Thomas.
Donald Foy Donald Foy has a question!
July 6, 2015 @ 10:38am
where is the user guide
Marleen Van Horne
September 6 @ 3:05pm
Donald, I am the user guide, I don't believe I ever corresponded with you. Write to me at msvnhrn@
E. Foy E. Foy has a question!
October 7, 2015 @ 9:00am
How can this be a Foy Y-DNA group when none of these people are named Foy?
Marleen Van Horne
October 20, 2015 @ 1:10pm
Some of the project members are Foy descendants who did the Family Finder test. This project is about 8 years old, and frankly people with the Foy surname have been extremely shy about joining.
Tom Foy
June 10, 2018 @ 12:26am
Our Fey name was changed to Foy, anglicized, when our immigrant ancestor came to the British Colonies in 1773.
Maureen McGaughey Maureen McGaughey
May 19, 2018 @ 3:31pm
I live outside of Boston, MA. My mother's grandfather was Robert Foy, born on April 7, 1849 In Ireland, the son of Michael Foy. He married Mary MacEvoy and they had two children together Michael & Patrick. Later he married Annie (O) Callaghan and had two sons, Robert & Charles, near Dalkey, Ireland. They came to America 1882 to Quincy, MA. Other children were John, Anna Marie Sarah & James. He died on April 11, 1910, in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, at the age of 61. His wife died in 1911. (Maureen McGaughey Gordon) My father's side is also Irish. His family went to New Brunswick Canada. Best of luck to all of you.
Michael Foy Michael Foy
May 17, 2016 @ 8:31pm
Map of the Foy origins in Ireland.
Sandra Gregory
May 18, 2016 @ 3:48pm
My Foy relatives came from Ireland and on to England. My great grandfather ( Frank Burridge Foy ) born 1853 in Somerset.
Marleen Van Horne Marleen Van Horne has a question!
October 20, 2015 @ 1:17pm
I am looking for descendants of William Foy, son of Peter Foy. William Foy lived in Franklin County, Pennsylvania in 1800. In 1812, William attempted to purchased land in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, at an unpaid tax sale. This sale was not completed, as the court house had made an error and the owner had paid the taxes. After that I have been unable to find William in the census.