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Carol Fitzgerald (Godfrey) Carol Fitzgerald (Godfrey)
September 13 @ 1:19pm
Carol Marie Fitzgerald you → Norma Lenore Godfrey her mother → Esther Mae Jackson her mother → John Edward Foster, Sr. her father → Edward Foster his father → James Pulliam Foster his father → John Foster his father → Ambrose Foster, Sr. his father → John A. Foster, Sr. his father → Richard Foster his father
Kenneth foster Kenneth foster
September 8 @ 7:11pm
This is an older picture of the Foster men. Talmadge C. Foster (1932-2000); Houston Foster (1930-1996); John Foster (1927-1999); Claude Foster Jr. (1925-1997); Claude Foster Sr. (1906-1982)
Kenneth foster Kenneth foster
September 7 @ 12:32pm
Hello, my Foster relatives are: Great-grandfather, John Ellis Foster, 1882-1949, Wetumpka, AL. Grandfather, Claude Foster, 1906-1982, Wetumpka, AL, Father, John Ellis Foster, b. 1927, Wetumpka, AL, d. 1999, Chicago, IL. The earliest Foster is my 2x great grandmother Sue Foster (1858-1921), Tuskegee, AL. Not sure if Foster is Sue's maiden name or married name, The first mention of her is as a servant on the Holdersby plantation in the 1880 census
M Dempsey M Dempsey
September 6 @ 2:24pm
Hi, my Foster relatives are as follows: My GGG Grandparents: John Foster married Margaret Shiels. My GG Grandparents: 1857 John Foster married 1859 Rose Farr. Born & married in Belfast, Ireland. My 3rd great uncle 1850 David Foster, brother of 1857 John married Margret Farr, sister of 1859 Rose. Born & married in Belfast, Ireland. My G Grandparents: 1882 Mary Ann Foster married 1879 Felix Donnelly. Mary was born & married in Belfast, Ireland. I do not know where my 3G Grandparents originated.
Karen Foster Karen Foster
April 4 @ 9:06pm
Earl L. Foster. 1912-1945. Born & Raised in Sioux Falls, SD. He was a Soldier in WWII, He was Killed in France. This is my Grandfather
Norman Foster
July 12 @ 7:30pm
Karen, do you have a family member with y-DNA results posted in the Foster project results worksheet?
Karen Foster
August 16 @ 11:24pm
Hi Norman. My dad passed young. I have a male 1st cousin. Not sure if that is useful
Kevin Foster Kevin Foster
August 7 @ 8:52am
Is there any Foster's from Canada in this group. Looking for information on Isaac Foster 1800-1880 Wicklow County, Ireland.
Glen Foster
August 7 @ 9:03am
I am not from Canada, but I do have Foster links with people in Canada. My links and their links go back to northern Ireland and then to the Scottish border (both sides).
Guy Foster
August 11 @ 2:36pm
I am from Quebec, Canada. My ancestor John Foster came in the early 1800s from Scotland (some say England, but the our oral history says its is from Scotland).
James Foster
August 11 @ 4:20pm
I am researching Isaac Foster born about 1801 in County Wexford. He died 1837 and is buried in Carnew, Wicklow. His widow Margaret Roach and children came to Canada in 1849 from the Coollattin Estate.
Glen Foster Glen Foster
August 7 @ 7:25am
This may not be an appropriate question for this group, but I hit a brick wall years ago and really need some help. I know for certain that my ggg-grandfather was Henry B. Foster and was born in PA in 1830 and died in Iowa in 1860. Now with DNA tests I show strong links to FostersForsters in Lancaster, Fayette and surrounding counties of PA in the 1700s. I am connected by DNA with many people to David Aaron Foster 1750-1817, and his father David Foster 1718-1762. Some of the DNA links to these two people are as high as 45 cm which tells me they are probably third cousins once or twice removed. David Aaron Foster had a son names Henry Foster 1797-1881. He married Magdalena Barricklow 1798-1840. They had a son name Henry Foster 1829-1860. I am positive this Henry is not my Henry (different wife and kids etc). However many of my strong Foster/Forster DNA links are to people who show this Henry as their third great grandfather. Also, I show strong DNA links to the Magdalena Barricklows family, again as high as 45 cm. This tells me that Henry and Magadelena are probably my 4rth great grandparents or 5th great aunt and uncle. Does it appear to DNA experts in the group that I am wrong about this? I have been stuck for years now and cannot make the link with other paperwork. The DNA evidence is strong, but the Henry Fosters are not the same people. Can anyone help? I hope I was clear! LOL
Harry Foster Harry Foster
May 10, 2019 @ 6:08pm
For those in Foster Group 7 who claim we descend from Sir Thomas Forster whose tomb is in St. Dunstan's, Hunsdon, who descended from Thomas Forster of Adderstone (Etherstone), does anyone have documentary evidence that links our Richard Foster, the immigrant to Virginia on the Safety in 1635, to these UK Forsters? I have not been able to locate any or to locate the source of this legend. I appreciate your help with documentation of Richard of Virginia to his presumed father in England.Thanks so much, Sara
William (Bill) Foster
February 17 @ 8:41pm
Legend and hear say have Richard from the Safety to Va as a son of a Robert Foster ---this is an assumption but false as Richards mother a Thomas Foster who died and left Mirah Isham Richards mother a Widow who remarried a Bart Hoskins who Richard recognized as his step father . Hoskins paid for Richard , his mother and Richards Sibling transportation to Colonial Va . Thomas Foster was a member of the Fosters / Forsters of Hunsdon Hertfordshire England Descending
William (Bill) Foster
February 17 @ 8:44pm
Many of us in The group 7 Fosters are Descendants of Sit Thomas Foster of Husdon Hertfordshire who descended from Roger Foster and Joan Hussey . via their son Thomas Foster -----Immifrants to the Virginia Colony can be found in the "Visitation of Hunsdon Hertfordshire "Forsters / Fosters . I have a copy .
William (Bill) Foster
February 17 @ 8:50pm
Sara you can contact me @
Glen Foster
March 1 @ 4:49pm
William (Bill) Foster - Do you know if any of the descendants of Sir Thomas Foster go to northern Ireland in the 1600s and then to Lancaster, PA in the early 1700s?
James Trabing (Foster / Federline) James Trabing (Foster / Federline) has a question!
March 1 @ 10:39am
Hi, My father was adopted and was born in 1932 in Maryland. I don't have his OBC, but his birth record in the Maryland Archives that ties to his OBC shows a Robert James Foster as his father. I did a Y-DNA, 111 markers, on my father and his haplogroup is R-M269. Some people I've reached out to through Ancestry said that the Foster's came from Virginia and migrated into Maryland. I haven't been able to find any definitive information about my dad's father and I'm not sure if he is a Foster or if they put a fake name on the record. There is one Robert James Foster on the 1930 census, but the name is then Edward James Foster on the 1940 census. Are there any Fosters with this haplogroup from Maryland or Virginia? Thank you and have a great day!
David Foster David Foster has a question!
February 17 @ 2:38pm
Are any of the DNA Results known to be associated with Stephen Collins Foster (famous song writer in the 1800's)? I believe that it has been established that he descended from Alexander Foster (abt 1710 Ireland -1767). One of Alexander's sons, John, migrated to Wilson County Tennessee in the late 1700's. I believe that I may have descended from these Foster's. To date, there are no Foster matches for me in the Project (I'm in the unmatched results). I am trying to determine if that is due to the lack of someone submitting their DNA or if it is showing me that I'm not a "Y" descendant of this line.