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Karen Foster Karen Foster
April 4 @ 9:06pm
Earl L. Foster. 1912-1945. Born & Raised in Sioux Falls, SD. He was a Soldier in WWII, He was Killed in France. This is my Grandfather
Harry Foster Harry Foster
May 10, 2019 @ 6:08pm
For those in Foster Group 7 who claim we descend from Sir Thomas Forster whose tomb is in St. Dunstan's, Hunsdon, who descended from Thomas Forster of Adderstone (Etherstone), does anyone have documentary evidence that links our Richard Foster, the immigrant to Virginia on the Safety in 1635, to these UK Forsters? I have not been able to locate any or to locate the source of this legend. I appreciate your help with documentation of Richard of Virginia to his presumed father in England.Thanks so much, Sara
William (Bill) Foster
February 17 @ 8:41pm
Legend and hear say have Richard from the Safety to Va as a son of a Robert Foster ---this is an assumption but false as Richards mother a Thomas Foster who died and left Mirah Isham Richards mother a Widow who remarried a Bart Hoskins who Richard recognized as his step father . Hoskins paid for Richard , his mother and Richards Sibling transportation to Colonial Va . Thomas Foster was a member of the Fosters / Forsters of Hunsdon Hertfordshire England Descending
William (Bill) Foster
February 17 @ 8:44pm
Many of us in The group 7 Fosters are Descendants of Sit Thomas Foster of Husdon Hertfordshire who descended from Roger Foster and Joan Hussey . via their son Thomas Foster -----Immifrants to the Virginia Colony can be found in the "Visitation of Hunsdon Hertfordshire "Forsters / Fosters . I have a copy .
William (Bill) Foster
February 17 @ 8:50pm
Sara you can contact me @
Glen Foster
March 1 @ 4:49pm
William (Bill) Foster - Do you know if any of the descendants of Sir Thomas Foster go to northern Ireland in the 1600s and then to Lancaster, PA in the early 1700s?
James Trabing (Foster / Federline) James Trabing (Foster / Federline) has a question!
March 1 @ 10:39am
Hi, My father was adopted and was born in 1932 in Maryland. I don't have his OBC, but his birth record in the Maryland Archives that ties to his OBC shows a Robert James Foster as his father. I did a Y-DNA, 111 markers, on my father and his haplogroup is R-M269. Some people I've reached out to through Ancestry said that the Foster's came from Virginia and migrated into Maryland. I haven't been able to find any definitive information about my dad's father and I'm not sure if he is a Foster or if they put a fake name on the record. There is one Robert James Foster on the 1930 census, but the name is then Edward James Foster on the 1940 census. Are there any Fosters with this haplogroup from Maryland or Virginia? Thank you and have a great day!
David Foster David Foster has a question!
February 17 @ 2:38pm
Are any of the DNA Results known to be associated with Stephen Collins Foster (famous song writer in the 1800's)? I believe that it has been established that he descended from Alexander Foster (abt 1710 Ireland -1767). One of Alexander's sons, John, migrated to Wilson County Tennessee in the late 1700's. I believe that I may have descended from these Foster's. To date, there are no Foster matches for me in the Project (I'm in the unmatched results). I am trying to determine if that is due to the lack of someone submitting their DNA or if it is showing me that I'm not a "Y" descendant of this line.
Phuoc Nguyen Phuoc Nguyen
January 27 @ 9:02am
I just joined this project. I have completed a Y 111 so far and am awaiting the results of the Big Y 700. Based on one of my markers I am part of the R U106 project. They indicated that I could possible be linked to a few Foster's. So I have joined this group with the hope of finding my Paternal line. Thank you in advance for your help.
Phuoc Nguyen
January 27 @ 10:51am
My haplo group is R-M269
Glen Foster Glen Foster
December 18 @ 2:59pm
I got my Y111 test result today. My haplogroup is J-M172. Not sure why mine seems short compared to others. Is there something else that needs to be done, or I need to do? I ran this on the SNP tracker and it only covers the Paleolythic era and does not go beyond that. Also, why do I have different matches when my DNA is compared to people with other tests (and they vary from test to test) - Y12, Y25, Y37 ,Y67 and Y111? Thanks! Kit No. 919766
David Foster
December 18 @ 6:02pm
Glen - Hoping to see you join us in Group 06 for the J line. Variations in matches at the different levels are normal. Apart from the drop off due to the maximum level people have tested at (i.e. they obviously will not appear a a higher level) each level is determined by the maximum differences for a match which is set by FTDNA and by where those matches appear in the STR panels i.e. usually the more STRs tested the more differences found. This is especially true is the difference at Y111 is large and people are less likely to be related in genealogical times - like we are. For example we match at Y12 (GD1) , Y67 (GD6) and Y111(GD9) as these are lower than the maximum match cutoff for each of those levels. We do not match at Y25 and Y37 implying the number of differences between us that appear in the STRs in those sets exceeds the maximum level. i.e. at least 2 more in Y25 and 6 by Y37 (as we only have 6 in Y67). Good info on the implications on relationship for each level and incremental difference is in the Learn sections such as It will certainly be much easier to explain and understand when your data is analysed and added to the DNA Results spreadsheet
Glen Foster
December 18 @ 6:12pm
David, in addition to to the surname and region projects, I just joined the J M172 - J2 Y-DNA project. Can you provide more details on Group 06 for the J line so I can join it as well? Thanks
David Foster
December 18 @ 7:08pm
My bad it is not a new project - if you look at the Foster DNA Results spreadsheet in this group I am in Group 06 and I expect you will be there once your new results have been analysed. When that happens you will get some insight into the relationships as the more people added helps break the groups down into potential lines.
Glen Foster
January 3 @ 7:11am
Hi David - you mention something about results being analyzed in your comment above. I assume my data has been analyzed since my kit number is there now and shows an ancestor of mine - David Foster/Forster b.1718 and d.1764. Any relation? Also, on the spreadsheet which kit number which is yours in the first column?
December 20 @ 3:43pm
My grandfather Frank C Foster born in 1887 - 1969, and his wife Charlotte E Foster born Murphy 1885 - 1961. My father was Carl Frank Foster 1917 - 1/22/1951
Glen Foster Glen Foster
November 24 @ 12:22pm
Good morning - My name is Glen Foster. I submitted my DNA Y-111 test a couple of days ago, so it will probably be at least 4 weeks until I get my results. My family line is Foster with apparent links to Forster. The family migrated to Pennsylvania in the early 1700s from Northern Ireland and many subsequently moved on to Ohio and then to Iowa and then to other locations in the westerm US. The family in Ireland seem to be part of the Ulster Scots who originally came from Scotland. I am not 100% sure that all of my Foster ancestors came to the US by that route, some may have come from Central and North East England. Are there any Fosters in this group?
Robert Cairns
November 27 @ 11:50am
If you matched with me it means we share the same male ancestor somewhere down the line, If you do you can use the age estimate of the match to determin +- how long ago that was. I will keep my fingers crossed.
Robert Cairns
November 27 @ 12:03pm
Oh sorry I ment to say my ancester Archibald Foster came from Butler County, Pennsylvania. Thats the closest that I could pin it down.
Glen Foster
December 4 @ 7:53pm
I have Foster links to that area of PA, though I can't pin them down with documents, just through DNA. However, my Dad was actually born in Beaver Falls, PA which is only about 30 miles away from Butler.
Glen Foster
December 18 @ 3:17pm
Got my test results today. My haplogroup is J-M172. Not sure why mine seems short compared to others. Is there something else that needs to be done, or I need to do? I ran this on the SNP tracker and it only covers the Paleolythic era and does not go beyond that. Also, why do I have different matches when my DNA is compared to people with other tests (and they vary from test to test) - Y12, Y25, Y37 ,Y67 and Y111?
Kenneth&Jeanne Forester Kenneth&Jeanne Forester has a question!
December 4 @ 5:21pm
Can the administrator contact me? i have a question on my DNA
Daniel Forester
December 5 @ 11:17am
Mark Foster or Barbara Good
Karen Foster Karen Foster
June 3, 2019 @ 5:13pm
Lydia, Pearl , Jessie & Albert Foster. Sister's & Brother's. Their Father Edward Foster. My Great Grandma Lydia Foster married Perry Schurr.💜 these are some if my Maternal Foster family.