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Karen Snow Karen Snow
August 6 @ 2:25pm
My Grandpa Earl Foster& his brother Gene Foster in uniform. My dad is little boy far right Dwayne Foster.
Ronald Foster Ronald Foster
July 23 @ 3:12pm
William S and Mary (Drapeau) Foster family. My grandparents. Standing in the middle is my Grandfather Albert Foster.
Verne Foster
July 24 @ 5:49pm
Howdy, nice keepsake! maybe one day we will figure William S out. Hope so. Karen Foster Montgomery
Craig Forster
July 30 @ 1:49pm
Ronald where do your Foster's come from?
Alexander Forster
August 3 @ 1:14am
Hi Craig, My husband came from a small coal mining village north of Newcastle upon Tyne. I have traced his Forster ancestors back to 1720 in Tanfield, Co Durham but there are no earlier records. He had Ronald (Scotland) and Ward (Norfolk) ancestors as well and a Swords from Kent/London.
Susan Bellefeuille Susan Bellefeuille
July 21 @ 2:37pm
Find attached a photo of my Great Grandparents. Edwards Daughter Annie Maude Foster b-1882 and d-1966. She married Charles William Jackman
Susan Bellefeuille Susan Bellefeuille
July 21 @ 2:35pm
Find attached my Great Grandfather Edward Meade Foster 1859, I believe he was born in Greenwich, England.
Karen Snow Karen Snow
May 22 @ 1:14pm
Me and my Dad Dwayne Foster. We Never had thw pleasure of knowing each other, i only found out he was my father 15 yrs ago. Through the help of a P.I. i l learned some things about him & have become close to his Nephew Scott Johnson my 1st cousin, he gave me pictures of my dad. Finally to see what he looked like was very exciting. We resemble each other. We took the FTDNA Autosomal test. My Dad died at 65 in 2001. I Hope to learn more about his side.