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Our goal is to find a common ancestor of the Fortenberry, Faulkenberry, Falconberry and Falkenberg families.


#1 George Harrison Falkenburg Sr. 1869 NJ

#2 James Leath Fortenberry abt. 1750 NC, Jacob 1789 Va. or NC, Oliver Rice 1821 Lawrence Co. Ar., Joseph Henry 1846 Lawrence Co. Ar., Oliver L 1882 Texas, Joe Texas, Oliver Joe Texas James Leath Fortenberry who was born roughly 1755. He and his wife, Mrs. Margaret Jones Fortenberry, were the progenitors of almost all, if not all, of the Lawrence County Arkansas Fortenberrys. Several descendants of the Fortenberry family moved to Texas. James and his sons were the first Fortenberry's to migrate so far west. They were among the earliest settlers of Missouri Territory and later Arkansas Territory. They arrived in New Madrid, Missouri Territory in about 1806 and then to Lawrence County Ar. in about 1812.

#3 Henry Fortenberry was born in 1810 in NC. Migrated to TN. before 1840. Son Richard born in Tn in 1843. Henry and family migrated to Lawrence Co. Ar. in 1859. Henry died 1860-1870. Richard moved to Jack Co.,Tx abt 1873. Richard died in Knox Co., Tx in 1919. Son Baxter born in Jack Co. Tx in 1880 and moved to Ca. in 1917 and died in Riverside Co., Ca. in 1959. Son Robert Lee born in Imperial Valley Ca. in 1918 and died in Eastland Co., Tx. in 1991. Son Randall bn in Reedley Ca. in 1940 and still living in Oregon.

#4 Isaac Sr.1745 NC, Isaac Jr 1775 Anson Co. NC., Hugh bn 1811 Lancaster Co., SC.,Jesse Lee bn 1838 MS.,Jesse Benjamin bn. 1866 MS.,Curtis Benjamin bn 1901 MS., Bobby Joe bn. 1931 MS.

#5 Jacob Faulkenberry bn 1760 SC., James Talley born in SC in 1808, died in 1897 in Tyler Co., Texas The earliest known record for Jacob in Mississippi is in Marriage Book 1, page 99, in which it lists the marriage of his daughter, Frances, on February 2, 1822 to Asa Myers in Lawrence County, Mississippi. It is possible that he arrived some time before 1822, but there is no further proof. He does not apeear on the 1820 Mississippi census, indicating that he had not yet arrived. In all likelihood, he is the Jacob Fortenberry on the 1820 Lancaster County, South Carolina census.

#6 Pitman Warner Faulkinbury bn 1810 in Anson Co. NC. believed to be the son of William Faulkinbury. Pitman migrated to Indiana, William Jasper Faulkinbury, son of Pitman, was recorded as William J Fortenberry when he married Susan A J Adams in Lafayette Mississippi in 1857 according to the Mississippi Marriages, 1826-1900. By the Census records, Pitman and his family traveled from South Carolina to Alabama after 1840; the 1850 Census showed they had moved to Lincoln County, Tennessee (his name was spelled Putnam Fortenberry); the 1860 Census has them in Calhoun County, Mississippi (his name was spelled Pitman Fortenburg age 54, there was a William Fortenburg, 55, living on a farm next to Pitman, we believe was his brother) and the 1880 census they were in Boone County in Indiana , where Pitman and Hulda died and are buried in the Sheeks Family Cemetery. Pitman's name was spelled Faulkenbury.

7 Jim Faulkinbury Pitman Warner Faulkinbury

8 Joe Faulkenberry James FAULKENBERRY b. c1802 unknown place--lived in Franklin County, Alabama and Tishomingo County, Mississippi from 1830 until he died c1865; married 2-4 times. Charlie Robert FAULKENBERRY b. 6 January c1863 @ Chickasaw (now Riverton), Franklin (now Colbert) County, Alabama. Joel Ross FAULKENBERRY b. 14 September 1882, Kaufman County, Texas. William Charlie FAULKENBERRY b. 15 January 1917, Carey, Childress County, Texas Joe Thomas FAULKENBERRY b. 24 February 1943, Childress, Childress County, Texas.
9 Ron Falconberry- Isaac Falconberry born abt 1725 Jacob Falconbury born 1757 Anson County NC married Charity 1777 migrated to Lincoln County Kentucky in about 1802 and then to Indiana in about 1826 and died in 1844. See Ron's website for more information on this line. http://www.falconberry.com/genealogy/2.htm

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