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Group 1

Kit #123198 – Ira, son of John Fish, was born abt 1825 in New Brunswick, Canada. He died abt 1879 in Mount Chase, Penobscot, Maine. He married Hannah Perry Taylor who was born abt 1835 in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Group 2

Kit #109817 – Benjamin, son of Ephraim Fish, was born abt 1787 in New York. He died abt 1855 in La Grange, Indiana. He married Delia Pease who was born abt 1793 in New York and died about 1873 in Woodruff, La Grange, Indiana.

Group 3 – Nathan Fish born about 1708 and died by Jan 1769 in Mason, New Hampshire. He married Patience Shattuck in 1730 in Newbury, Massachusetts. She was born 18 February 1708 in Groton, Massachusetts. Death date is unknown. They moved from Groton/Pepperell, Massachusetts to Mason, New Hampshire where they were listed as residents in the History of Mason, New Hampshire in 1752.

Kit #134698 – through son Nathan, born abt 1749 in Groton, Massachusetts and married to Betsey Kenney on 11 May 1781 at Pownalborough, Maine. She was born abt 1763 in Balltown, Maine.

Kit #60206 – through son Nathan listed above.

Group 4

Kit #12381 – Rev. Peter Fish,son of Nathaniel, was born 23 Nov 1751 in Newtown, Queens, New York. He died 12 Nov 1810 in the same place he was born. He married Hannah Hankinson.

Group 5

Kit #97986 – James H. Fish, born abt 1851 in Canada. He married Isabella Coggeshall on 23 April 1881 in New York. She was born 27 June 1854 in New York City and died 12 March 1896.

Group 6 – Nathan Fish born abt 1730 in Groton, Massachusetts. He died in 1776 in possibly Pepperell, Massachusetts. He married Mary “Molly” Pierce in 1757. She was born 24 June 1732 in Groton, Massachusetts.

Kit #105643 – through grandson, Horace Fish, who was born 6 January 1799 in Hatley, Quebec, Canada and died 6 July 1870 in Beaver, Utah. He married Hannah Leavitt who was born 26 December 1805 in St. Johnsbury, Vermont and died 5 November 1876 in Parowan, Utah.

Kit #42165 – through son Joseph Fish who was born 17 April 1770 in Pepperell, Massachusetts and died 22 April 1859 in Hatley, Quebec, Canada. He married Sarah Spear 5 January 1793. She was born 24 March 1770 in Walpole, New Hampshire and died 22 October 1858 in Hatley, Quebec, Canada.

Group 7

Kit #139060 – Jonathan Fish who was born abt 1610 in England. He died abt 1663 in Newtown, Long Island. He married Mary about 1644. Purportedly one of the three brothers (John, Jonathan, Nathaniel) who came to U. S. and settled in New England.

Group 8

Kit #9301 – Joseph Fish born 3 April 1752 in Norwich, Connecticut and died after abt 16 June 1791. He married Abigail Lothrop in 1776 in Bozrah, Connecticut. Abigail was born 24 February 1757 in Norwich, Connecticut and died after 1784.


Group 1 – Stephen Fish married Mary Micrist on 22 November 1680 in Salem, Massachusetts and presuming he was age 20 when he married, his birth year is calculated at about 1660.

Kit #N63977 – Stephen Fish b cal 1660

Kit #134240 – through gg-grandson, Ezra Fish who was born 3 September 1773 in Douglas, Massachusetts and died 2 June 1852. He married Olive Shumway who was born 21 January 1788 and died 9 July 1859.