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About us

This primarily* Family Finder project aims to explore the matches between the extended family trees of assorted, connected, researchers.
It supplements any y_dna surname projects of particular interest by looking beyond the direct paternal lines.

A connection to existing matches, and /or the family trees of the researchers involved must be demonstrated for a join request to be approved.

Many have pedigrees on WikiTree where we aim to connect up our respective pedigrees, and utilize WikiTree's links to DNA tested people recorded there.

The bulk of the participants have "recent" Scottish and English ancestry, albeit with descendants all over the world.
Just some of the ancestral surnames and areas:

All: Fairbairn, Runciman, Sinton (please also join the appropriate surname project)
Caithness (SCT): Bain, Finlayson, Georgeson, Gray, Manson, McAdie
Cumberland (ENG): Baty, Graham, Turnbull
Devon (ENG): Dawe, Rowe, Combellack
Essex (ENG): Parker
London (ENG): Clinton
Perthshire/Stirlingshire (SCT): Henderson, McEwan, Duncanson, Buchanan, Jenkins, Chrystal, Millar/Miller
Scottish Borders: Crosser, Davidson, Fairbairn, Familton, Richardson, Runciman, Turnbull, Sinton, Wight
Somerset (ENG): Andrews, Wines
NB See also yDNA projects for Fairbairn, Runciman, Sinton, Wight, all of which include autosomal testers.

Please do read up on what Family Finder may, or may not,  show you.
Belonging to a papertrail tree will not automatically result in a FamilyFinder match.
All results do however contribute to the x dimensional jigsaw of who is connected to whom, and allow us to connect to previously unknown relations - some of whom may just have that elusive family bible, or a snippet of your history that has been eluding you.

* the exception to the autosomal DNA kits here are for research into
- the Richardsons of Morebattle
- haplogroup R-S7361 - currently terminal SNP for descendants of Archibald HENDERSON