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About us

This project (FF_Green) was created by FTDNA Monday 9 May 2011 at 5:04 PM EDT at the request of me, James W. Green III.  

This project is for kits of 1) people descended from "Our GREENs" as determined by our Y37 results matching each other, plus 2) our Y37 matches carrying other surnames.  

This project is also for 3) FamilyFinder (FF) kits (with or without a Y-test (which would be irrelevant to "Our GREENs") of "Descendants" of the Green ancestors of "Our GREENs", if their FF matches one or more of "Our GREENs" who have done FF and Y37 (or Y67 or Y111) and if the "Descendant's" paper trail does not indicate they are no kin to the GREEN ancestors of the above Y37 tested men listed in 1 and 2.  So the "Descendant" might be a) adopted and have no paper trail or b) have a paper trail, as long as the trail appears possibly go back to the male line ancestors of the males in described in 1 and 2.  

If you join this project and do not meet the above criteria, your kit is not to be subgrouped and you should join your kit to the Green project, instead of this FF_Green project.  I realize this project is poorly named.  Sorry.  

If you are in GREEN descendant with a Y-test or your Y-test matches Greens, you should join your kit to the Green project whether you meet the description in 1 and 2, above.  

Our GREENs spell the surname GREEN or GREENE.  Perhaps we will discover other spellings of GREEN for "our GREENs".  Our GREENs & our Y-37 matches are R-Z25289+.  The U106 project now says Z25289 first appeared about 1569 AD or within the range 1096 AD to 1839 AD.  I think 1839 is too recent.  I think we will find Z25289 is at least as old as our shared ancestors in Maryland.  Every kit meeting the criteria described in 1 and 2 needs to test this SNP to help pin down its minimum age and place more recent SNPs in the tree of SNPs that reflect our branching.  We have no matches that are known to descend from places in Great Britain.  We need to collect money in the project's General Fund to do Y12 tests on Greens in the UK & if they match us on Y12 then to upgrade to Y37 or test Z25289.  Testing Z25289 is cheaper than upgrading to Y37.  If you donate to the General Fund for this testing put in the "Note", "for testing GREENs in UK".  I recommend finding Mr. Greens in the UK by contacting UK county Genealogical Societies' members who have cousins named Mr. Green with Green lineages back to at least the early 1700s & preferably back to the 1600s, the goal being to find the UK parish of origin of our Greens.  

Currently the Y-matches of "our GREENs" include a McBROOM, a FRY, & a PRICE, who may descend from our GREENs in their male line.  

This page was last revised by me, James W. Green III 24 June 2017.  If you have questions, phone me at 803-635-9236.  If there is no answer, leave me a message as to when I may return your call.  I am sorry this is so long and probably difficult to understand and perhaps still imprecise.