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Updated 20 Nov 2022 By joining the group you agree to provide the project with 3 things. 1) The surname of the person being tested. 2) The name, date and place of birth of the oldest researched male ancestor of your male patrilineal line and the oldest researched female ancestor of your matrilineal line. 3) Permission to publish the DNA results and the names, dates and places of birth of the oldest known patrilineal or matrilineal ancestor. All father-son and brother-brother combinations for the STR haplotypes are welcome. If you have family members in a different Haplogroup, please be aware that the calculations are made for combinations of testers in a family who are all of the same Haplogroup, regardless of haplogroup. In order for us to do comparisons, all males members of the same family must share the same Haplogroup and the STRs, i.e. "DYS values" must be available. SNPs from the Big Y are the "icing on the cake". Please advise the Admins of the exact relationship one to another when joining two or more testers. We are in the process of extending the project to include mtDNA. (Although the mtDNA section is operational, it is in terms of the mitochondrial Haplogroup only at this time. The admins need the Coding region to be visible to them as well as being advised what the direct maternal name of the tester is.)