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About us

The purpose of this project is to explore how genetics can help elucidate the genealogy of the Ewing families of Scotland, Ulster, America and the world. Most of our participants so far are American, but we welcome the participation of Ewings everywhere. We are especially interested to have the participation of Ewings from Ireland and Scotland who know their genealogies back to 1700 or before, because we think this can help us trace the deep origins of many Ewing families. Already we have participants from Canada, Scotland, England and New Zealand--where are you Ireland and Australia? We also hope to understand better what the relationship may be between Ewing, Ewen and McEwan in any of their variant spellings. Analysis of Y-DNA samples from men who have well-documented conventional genealogies will alow us to solve some thorny old genealogical puzzles about the relationships among many different Ewing lines. Genetic genealogy will never replace conventional genealogy, but it is a useful tool for determining what line to focus on for conventional research, and it will sometimes help a genealogist break through a maddeningly tenacious genealogical brick wall. To learn more about the project and to see our results, go to our website at: http://www.ewingfamilyassociation.org/DNA_Project/index_Y-DNA.html or http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Ewing/