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About us


This is a Y-DNA project for testing of men with the Evans surname or any variation of. Women may participate by recruiting/sponsoring a brother, father, or other male relative with the Evans surname. 

You also are welcome to join if you have taken the new "Family Finder" test at FTDNA and have an Evans ancestor in you family tree.  Read more about the "Family Finder" test on FTDNA's home page.

You can find out about the Y-DNA testing by visiting the web site for Family Tree DNA,  , FTDNA will be conducting the Evans DNA test. We suggest that you read as much as possible about Y-DNA testing, they will be able to answer many of the questions you may have.
To collect the DNA sample for the test you simply rub the inside of your cheek with the cotton swabs from a kit you buy through FTDNA when you join the Evans project.

Cost of testing:  Can be seen with discription available at:   This is the cost by joining this Evans group, it is kept up to date by FTDNA.

If you do not join now, come back later and see how the project is progressing and check to see if there are any of the tests being offered at a reduced price.