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NEW Minority groups project looking at the spread of E and J along the Danube, the Adriatic and elsewhere. Also looking at the remnants of G and i2. Area: Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine. Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia,Bosnia, Belarus, Kosovo. The Middle East groups E & J account for 48% of the Greek Population, 38% of Bulgaria and 29% of Romania. These figures are consistent with large scale population movements.Moving northwards Ukraine E & J account for 7% and moving westwards up the Danube EJ are 17% in Hungary, 18% in Austria 7% in Slovakia and 10% in the Czech Republic. These seem to represent smaller population movements or indeed trading ventures. To understand this we need to view these Middle East groups accross the whole area. much of which was under the Austro-Hungarian or Ottoman empires. Come and help the effort.