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About us

Anyone may join (females are welcomed).
This tests the Y chromosome for genetic matches between males.
This test will hopefully help determine name changes and everyone is encouraged to join this project.

We will be able to group the members that match each other into their own group once we run the Y-DNA Family Grouping App ( See the link for further details on how this is done.

For those that go all the way and test using the Big-Y700, it will be recommended to submit your BAM to for analysis at a very low price of $49.00! Y-Full will give you more of a layman's understanding of that FTDNA BAM file. It will also put you in their Y database to see what matches you have there!

It is very important that you come here with a Family Tree that has been populated as much as possible. It does no one any good having DNA matches and not able to locate them on your Tree. But this may be caused by what Maurice Gleeson calls the SDS (

All project members can view and update the activity feed when they are signed on to FamilyTreeDNA.

Please log on to FamilyTreeDNA and provide your earliest ancestors' name, birth date, and birthplace - If you have not done so.  You can do this by clicking on your name in the upper right corner and then click on the genealogy tab.

Please have an open mind, a good Family Tree and polite communication when contacting your matches. Also, remember to designate a beneficiary for your FTDNA account. This is very important.

Ole style of family research started in about 1998 using Personal Ancestry File (PAF) and going out to courthouses, cemeteries, churches, and face to face contacts. has allowed me to do more higher level of family research since their datasets and documents are mostly online. has really increased the findings of sources because of its numerous databases that are all online.

FTDNA has allowed me to use DNA as another tool for family research.

Y-Full has allowed me to get a more layman's understanding of the FTDNA BAM file and added another datase to have more matches.

FTDNA Surname Projects has allowed me to get my fingers really dirty in the DNA side of genealogy.

Social media site such as Facebook is another tool for family research. When users identify their relatives, it helps in my search also!

Having FREE and online newspapers is a plus, especially the Georgia Historic Newspapers site (

Participant Lineages:

Participant #1 (kit 146589)
1. William Etheridge, born 1792 NC; died 4 June 1841 Sumter Co. AL. He married Susannah Margaret Wilson, born 11 Dec. 1806 SC; died 19 July 1888.
2. George Wade Etheridge, born 8 April 1825 Sumter Co., AL; died 8 April 1865 LA Civil War. He married Rebecca L. Ridgell 28 Dec. 1845 Yazoo Co., MS. Rebecca born 6 Feb. 1825 AL; died 22 Oct 1865 AR.
3. Ruben Madison Etheridge, born 31 Jan. 1862 Ashley Co., AR; died 11 Feb. 1939 Ashley Co., AR. He married Colen Rebecca Allen 4 Nov. 1886 Ashley Co., AR.
4. Participant's father.
5. Participant.

Participant #2 (kit 126562)
1. Marmaduke Ethridge (née Boon), son of Mr. Etheridge and Miss Boon\Boone, was born between 1765 and 1775 in possibly Brunswick Co., NC and died in 1829 in Wilcox Co., AL. He married Abigail Broom before 1800 in Robeson Co., NC, daughter of Mark Broom and Elizabeth Copeland. Abigail was born about 1780 in Robeson Co., NC and died between 1821 and 1829 in Monroe Co., AL.
2. Isaac Ethridge was born in 1812 in Robeson Co., NC and died in 1890 in Kemper Co., MS at age 78, married (2) Mrs. Martha Ann Gibson 11 Jul 1859 in Lauderdale Co.,MS. Martha was born about 1834 in AL.
3. David "Dock" Ethridge was born in 1866 in Kemper Co., MS, married Martha Jane Harrington.
4. Participants grandfather
5. Participants father
6. Participant

Participant #3 (kit 255)
1. Thomas Etheridge, born about 1605-10 England; died Nov.-Dec. 1671 Norfolk Co., VA
2. William Etheridge, born 1635-1637; died 1717 Norfolk Co., VA
3. Thomas Etheridge, born 1675-80 Norfolk Co., VA; died 1750 Norfolk Co., VA
4. Samuel Etheridge, born 1700-05 Norfolk Co., VA; died 1753 Norfolk Co., VA
5. Thomas William Etheridge, born 1740-41 Norfolk Co., VA; died after 1819
6. Joshua Etheridge, born 1768-69 Norfolk Co., VA; died about 1802 Princess Anne Co., VA
7. Cornelius (Neely) Etheridge, born 1780-84 Norfolk Co., VA; died 1834 Paducah, McCraken Co., KY

Participant #4 (kit 828)
1. Thomas Etheridge, born 1790 NC; died bet. 1850-1860 Barbour County, AL
2. Elijah Jefferson Etheridge, born 12-1-1815 GA; died 4-19-1871 in Dozier, AL
3. Stephen William Etheridge, born 2-14-1856 in Covington Co., AL; died 5-24-1938 Dozier, AL
4. Benjamin Franklin Etheridge, born 11-7-1886 Dozier, AL; died 3-11-1945 Columbus, GA
5. Dixon Etheridge, born 11-7-1914 Sports, AL; died 12-19-1979
6. Stevie Carl Etheridge, born 4-1-1959 Opp, AL

Participant #5 (kit 829)
1. Thomas Etheridge, born 1790 NC; died bet. 1850-1860 Barbour County, AL
2. Elijah Jefferson Etheridge, born 12-1-1815 GA; died 4-19-1871 in Dozier, AL
3. Stephen William Etheridge, born 2-14-1856 in Covington Co., AL; died 5-24-1938 Dozier, AL
4. George William Etheridge, born 6-18-1897 Dozier, AL; died 9-5-1990 Hope Hull, AL
5. George William Etherdige Jr.
6. George William (Trip) Etheridge III

Participant #6 (kit 94338)
Lineage is unavailable

Participant #7 (kit 92660)
1. William Etheridge born 1780-1790 Virginia or North Carolina died 9 December 1836 Bertie Co North Carolina. Married Mary Holley.
married Martha F (last name unknown possibly Ward)-mother of James Ward Etheridge.
2. James Ward Etheridge born abt 1822 Bertie Co North Carolina died between 1885/1900 Noxubee Co Mississippi. Married Nancy C Smith.
3. George Thomas Etheridge born 25 Mar 1870 Winston Co Mississippi died 28 Mar 1960 Winston Co Mississippi. Married Willie Estella Arledge.
4. Robert Walter Etheridge Sr born 24 Jan 1903 Winston Co. Mississippi died 12 Sep 1969 Louisville, Winston, Mississippi.
Married Bernice Pauline Kelly.
5. Robert Walter Etheridge Jr born 1 Dec 1934 San Diego, San Diego, California. Married Carleen Thompson.
6. Participant's father.
7. Participant.

Participant #8 (kit N59989)
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Participant #9 (kit 27722)
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Participant #10 (kit N72538 )
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