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The Epps Y-DNA Project Group is located on Family Tree DNA (www.familytreedna.com). Many of the Epps, Eppes and other spellings are known have lived in the area of Kent, England. Most Epps family members arrived in Virginia and have spread throughout the country. There are many different branches of this family and they have not been connected completely although many family lines have been established.

Using DNA we hope to make the connections of many of the Epps/Eppes families, discover various relatives who were the brickwall for many genealogy researchers and become acquainted with many of our own family members.

The Epps Y-DNA Group was established several years ago and has grown since then. This website is new to our group and all improvements and input is welcome. We hope to include many of your lines here, links to them and whatever you so choose to include. Please, help make our website better and useful to you and your needs.

Any questions for the group or this website should be directed to either or both of our two co-administrators, Connie Epps Bond at ConnieBond@charter.net  and Dr. David Epps at drepps69@gmail.com. Both of us live in the Athens, Georgia area. Our branch of the Epps family, William Epps, came from Dinwiddie, Virginia to what is now Athens, Georgia. William Epps is buried here on the Epps Bridge Parkway, a major artery into Athens from Atlanta, Georgia. Several generations of William Epps' direct descendants were born, lived and are buried in this area. 


Dr. David Epps and Connie Epps Bond