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Thomas Lane Thomas Lane
June 13 @ 4:03pm
Good day. I am starting out. I know next to nothing about my paternal family, save the fact that they lived between County Clare and County Cork, leaving by boat from Cobh to the United States around the 1850s. Lane is the surname. They were apparently from the Uí Liatháin kingdom, within the Uí Meic Caille sept. They are mentioned in the in the Expulsion of the Déisi. So, I have a huge gap in knowledge that runs about 650 years...
Kevin Sullivan
June 14 @ 10:46am
There are a bunch of very knowledgeable folks in the group that can help you (I am not one of them however :) - but perhaps you can let us know what DNA tests you taken and your kit number ....
Thomas Lane
June 16 @ 2:29am
Thank you Kevin. I had an Ancestry DNA test - kit #A304993. My GedCom# is 6988778. :)
Kevin Sullivan
June 17 @ 9:37am
I presume you have a FTDNA kit # too?
Thomas Lane
June 18 @ 7:31pm
WIlliamDNA Wolfendale WIlliamDNA Wolfendale
April 14 @ 10:46am
Are there Donovan's, Leary's, Fitzpatrick's in this group from the Skibbereen / Aughadown parishes in West Cork?
Francis Wolfendale Francis Wolfendale
April 14 @ 10:39am
Looking for information on sub sept names. My Donovan's from the Skibbereen area pre 1847 Famine, were named Donovan - Island - Smokes. Sub sept Island and sus sub Smoke / Smokes. Donovan Rosa mentioned Donovan Island as his Julia Donovan Island family. Has anyone known of Sub Sept naming? Thank you
Garth Graham Garth Graham
March 26 @ 8:41am
@ Myshu Fitzbadley @ Myshu Fitzbadley
December 6 @ 9:17am
I just dropped in to look at the DNA Results database. Although I am not knowledgeable about Irish Septs, I observed what I guess to be a classification scheme in progress, to try to organize them. I ran statistical Primary Component Analysis (PCA) on the STR alleles data to get a "Birds-eye" look at it. The two charts below show a lot of information, but there are two key points to note: at the Y67 level, (top chart) we can see testers scattered all over the place, without any patterns by SNP haplogroup assignment. Out of over 200 testers, we can only account for less than 25% of the total variance, at the Y67 level of testing. Translation: SNP haplogroups at Y67 need more testing, at least to the Y111 level. Alas, even that won't be enough to allow serious attempts to group by Septs. The chart labelled "Y111 Testers in Project" encompasses the current Y111 testers in the project database. Yet they only account for under 19% of the total variance. Translation: unlikely to statistically explain all the variance without nearly everyone in the project testing to Big-Y. PCA is a powerful statistical tool, and there are simpler tools that might come close. But my take on it is that it is unlikely serious progress can be made without major additional testing. Not much more I can offer about future efforts, aside from this "preaching" about Big-Y. Your money, your call. It will take the Big-Y to get the Big Picture, is my reading of the charts.
Garth Graham Garth Graham
November 12 @ 7:48pm
In case anyone is interested, this book is only $.01 and is a download: Stephen McCracken Yesterday at 7:53am Exiles of ’98 – Ulster Presbyterians and the United States (eBook) Ok last week I was privileged to ask to attend a conference and book launch. Its a "free" book paid for by the Ulster Historical Society and is highly recommended. Get yours here at this link This eBook tells the fascinating story of Ulster Presbyterians who departed for America around the time of the 1798 Rebellion. Whether high in the councils of the United Irishmen, an ordinary oath-swearing member of the ranks, or an unaffiliated critic of existing political and social circumstances, an ultimately untold number of Ulster’s Presbyterians became associated with revolutionary currents in the final years of the eighteenth century. Many so involved – or so accused – took exile in the new United States. And whether personally known to Thomas Jefferson or a distant admirer, whether well-known preachers or scholars, lawyers or farmers or artisans, the Presbyterian exiles of the 1790s and early 1800s transformed their new homes, shaping and reshaping the politics and religion of America.
Robert Heffron Robert Heffron has a question!
October 6, 2018 @ 10:40am
I am writing to ask you a question about my Y-DNA test results, which were accepted into the Irish Type II project. According to my test results, My Y-DNA matched the SNP markers CTS4466, S1115, and A212. I was thus classified as sharing Eoganacht ancestry with the other members in the project. Recently, whenI reviewed my test results, I saw that I also had the marker SNP Z16259, which, although included in the Irish Type II project, is associated with the Ui Fidgenti. I also appear to have the marker SNP DF27, which is associated with Southern Ui Néill Type DNA. Finally, I also appear to have SNP L226, which is the signature marker for Irish Type III DNA. My question to you is how is it possible that I have all these markers from these separate groups? thank you in advance for your response. Respectfully, Bob Heffron
Garth Graham
October 7, 2018 @ 4:50pm
Always good to give kit number and tell us what testing you have done.
Ronald Howie
November 6 @ 2:41pm
Looking at your Y DNA Results I don't see any SNPs. Testing for the DF27 group can be a good bit more difficult to get a positive result. As for the Eoganancht Septs you could be CTS4466 positive or belong to a different haplogroup. I would recommend contacting James Kane at to get better answers to your testing options. Ronnie
Garth Graham
November 11 @ 9:34pm
Robert, you have ordered Big Y but your results are not ready yet. Thus you are smoking something good if you think you are positive for ANY snp as you have ZERO snp results as of this comment I am currently typing. I know this because I am one of the admins of the R1b project and I just looked at your account. You have GD of 8 at y111 matches who are R-MC13 so most likely you will fall below that snp also, which means you are not L226 or DF27. Definitely NOT DF27 as that is below P312 but not below L21. You are definitely below L21 though so I know DF27 has nothing to do with you. Would love to hear your explanation as to how you arrived at these dubious notions of snp's when you have no snp results.
Brent Graham Brent Graham
September 5, 2018 @ 3:44pm
Someone has probably posted this before...
Brent Graham
September 5, 2018 @ 3:45pm
The Irish DNA Atlas: Revealing Fine-Scale Population Structure and History within Ireland
Fred Callahan
September 5, 2018 @ 6:53pm
An interesting complex bio statistical analysis. Wish it included which haplotypes were considered to be characteristic for the defined regions.
Ronald Howie Ronald Howie
May 6, 2018 @ 1:05pm
ADMIN note: If you don't get a timely reply to a post on the activity page, please contact James Kane at or Kathleen Kerwin at Also bear in mind that they are quite busy at their regular employment. The surname list has been updated today.
Jeffrey Hatcher Jeffrey Hatcher
April 20, 2018 @ 10:03am
I am happy to announce that FTDNA has released to Big Y testers, 561 STR markers when previously only 111 were listed. Just another good reason to do the Big Y test, especially when coupons become available.