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Ely Carroll

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About us

There is a separate web page on Ely Carroll DNA.

Ely Carroll DNA is Y-chromosome DNA shared by 40 men with 6 names that match names in ancient pedigrees of men descended from Ely Carroll, and from Cian who lived in 4th-century Ireland. The 40 are 50% of a total database of 79 men. Included is a descendant of Charles Carroll of Carrollton.

The 6 names are: Bohan/Bowes, Carroll, Flanagan, Mahar, Murphy, Redmond.

All 10 who have BIG Y test results share the Z16281 SNP and many other unique SNPs downstream of R-DF21, S5488, and Z16294.

Key STR markers: 390=25 and 492=11.

Historical pedigrees now known as a result of DNA testing not to be related to Ely Carroll and Cian: Eoghanachta and Brian Boru.

Modal DNA. The modal DNA for Ely Carroll can be found at Ysearch: TG7S3. Genetic distances from the 67-marker modal range from 1 to 12. The genetic distances of project members can be found under Results.

Historic Names. The modal was developed from 40 people with 6 historic Ely Carroll surnames who have tested 67 markers:

  • 13 Carroll, including one who traces his ancestry back to the Ely Carrolls through Charles Carroll of Carrollton (includes a Linville who was probably a Carroll)

  • 10 Bowe/Bohan

  • 6 Meagher/Mahar

  • 2 Murphy

  • 1 Flanagan (excludes 7 Flanagans whose DNA matches Ely Carroll members but is not public)

  • 1 Redmond

Other historic Ely Carroll surnames for which DNA has not yet been found are: Corcoran, Healy, Nevin, O'Connor, O'Hara.

Sources of historic names:

Database. As of December 2013, a total of 79 people had been found to have Ely Carroll DNA, all of whom had tested 67 markers and 21 of whom had tested 111 markers. Genetic distances are calculated with the McGee Utility with the hybrid mutation method.  For details, see the separate web page on Ely Carroll DNA.

Multiple Origins of Carrolls. The Carrolls of Ely Carroll are 10% of all Carrolls. See the Carroll DNA project.

Ely Carroll Yahoo Group. Martha Bowes, Peter Carroll, and Peter Biggins have a web page for Ely Carroll at Yahoo Groups with messages, files, and links relating to Ely Carroll. The purpose of the group is to learn about Ely Carroll from material submitted by group members and ask questions of group members. You can send messages to the group, respond to messages submitted by others, add Internet links and files relating to Ely Carroll, and learn from links and files submitted by others.

Map. Locations important to descendants of Ely Carroll are shown on this Ely Carroll Map.

Other Web Sites.

  • Peter Biggins has a separate web page on Ely Carroll DNA.

  • Martha Bowes has a website at The Bowes Surname that discusses the Bowes Ely Carrolls.

  • Tyrone Bowes, a member of our project, has started a business that attempts to help people find where they are from in Ireland: Irish Origenes.

  • Peter Carroll has a web site at South Wales Carrolls with many Ely Carroll links.

  • Kevin Carroll has a website at Carroll Roots.

  • David Springer has a website at Dave Springer that includes the genealogy of Lawrence Springer of the Barbados and Rhode Island.

  • The Heritage Office of County Offaly has a document on the Ballindarra Castle of Ely Carroll.