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Ancient Pedigrees. The project has verified ancient pedigrees that associate these surnames with Ely Carroll: Carroll, Bowe, Dooley, Keeffe, Kealy/Kelly, Meagher, Murphy, Flanagan, Redmond, Corcoran. The project has yet to verify ancient pedigrees that associate these surnames with Ely Carroll: Healy, Nevin, O'Connor, O'Hara. People with these names have had their DNA tested, but none has yet been found with Ely Carroll DNA.

Included is the Y-DNA of two known descendants of Charles Carroll the Settler:
  • A descendant of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, signer of the Declaration of Independence
  • A descendant of Daniel Carroll of Duddington, owner the land on which the U. S. Capitol was built
Y-DNA. The Y-DNA of members is characterized by distinct STRs and SNPs.
  • STR. All who have tested the 66th STR marker, 492, have the unique value of 11.
  • SNP. All who have BIG Y test results share several unique SNPs downstream of R-DF21, including Z16291.
Unrelated Clans. DNA testing has contradicted ancient histories that say Ely Carroll is related to Dalcassian (Brian Boru) and Eognachta. Ely Carroll, Dalcassian (Brian Boru), and Eognachta are descended from a common ancestor, Olioll Olum. The three groups have been found to have these quite different SNPs, the common ancestor of which goes back to DF13, which occurred around 2450 BC:
  • Z16291 for Ely Carroll
  • L226 for Dalcassian (Brian Boru)
  • CTS4466 for Eognachta
Multiple Origins of Carrolls. The project has verified that Carrolls in Ely Carroll and those in Clan Colla, Northwest Irish (Niall) and other clans are unrelated. A few ancent histories had connected Ely Carroll and Clan Colla. Many ancient histories had connected Clan Colla and Northwest Irish.  The Carrolls of Ely Carroll are  about 10% of all Carroll Y-DNA testers. See the Carroll DNA project.

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