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Updated 20 June 2013

There are many variations of the Elliot surname and the history associated with this name is equally diverse.

It is not the function of this project to to consider either the history or the spelling variations associated with this name.
(If this is what you are seeking, perhaps the Border Reivers project will provide that which you are seeking  -  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~gallgaedhil/    )

The goal of this DNA project is focused on Y-STR DNA results and the Y Chromosome SNPs for those men with the Elliot(t) or similar name and looking at the patterns that the men and their matches form with one another.
A side benefit of this, is that where there is a group of you, all matching quite closely, I can calculate a very good approximate birthdate of your common ancestors.  (I say approximate because the vagaries of the years between the generations in any particular family and the unpredictable mutation at any allele on the Y chromosome requires a margin of error be built into the calculations).

You are therefore encouraged to do three things to help make this project a success:-
1.  Ensure you are intending to eventually test to Y-111  (even if you have not reached this position at the time of joining).
2.  Depending on your Haplogroup, consider taking the occasional SNP test as they become available to confirm your predicted Haplogroup.
3.  Aid in locating other Elliott men who are interested in learning how their DNA contributes to their knowledge about their recent ancestry and their deep ancestry.

Gail Riddell