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As at 18h March 2008, the project has over 100 members. Countries of earliest known ancestors are: Wales, Ireland, England, Great Britain, and USA. LOOKUP SERVICE The following group members are offering free lookups for EDWARDS inquiries in the following areas. South Australian records: Kym Edwards "kedw4008@bigpond.net.au" Greenville & Union areas SC: Michele "Michele@susanbcovington.com" ONLINE SEARCHABLE DNA DATABASES www.ysearch.org www.smgf.org (all entries have attached pedigrees) www.ybase.org EDWARDS LINKS An Edwards Family History www.fortunecity.com/millennium/sunnyside/643/edwards.html Edwards Family http://members.tripod.com/burkewebb/edwards_family.htm Edwards Genealogy www.jaimeadams.com/edwards.html#joshua Edwards Info http://home.comcast.net/~kenconway/ghtout/np8.htm