Eastern Shores (GHOTES) DNA

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About us

The Eastern Shores (GHOTES) DNA Project is established to focus on the early settlers of the Eastern Shore (Accomack and Northampton counties, Virginia) plus southeastern Maryland and Delaware beginning in the early 1600's. This project is for Surname (both male and female) participants. We welcome all descendants who trace their line back to the Eastern Shore. The Surname Project List will increase as Members join. APPLICANT must be able to document Ancestor's residence in the Eastern Shore area. If you cannot do this, please do not request to join. The area in this Project includes Accomack and Northampton counties, VA; Delaware; and the counties of Maryland which are located on the Eastern Shore. In order to join, an applicant must have taken autosomal DNA; i.e., Family Tree DNA Family Finders and/or other autosomal testing which has been transferred to GEDmatch. y-DNA, haplogroup, and mt-DNA tests are also accepted.