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About us

The goal of this study is to classify the different DUNNING groups according to their Y-DNA. With this classification system, DUNNING researchers, who have come to a brick wall, will be able to link to DUNNING groups where the genealogical record is documented. We still need representatives from the following DUNNING groups: DUNNINGs from CanadaDUNNINGs from DenmarkDUNNINGs from EnglandDUNNINGs from NetherlandsDUNNINGs from North Ireland DUNNINGs from ConnecticutDUNNINGs from DelawareDUNNINGs from IndianaDUNNINGs from KentuckyDUNNINGs from MaineDUNNINGs from MarylandDUNNINGs from New YorkDUNNINGs from North Carolina DUNNINGs from All Places!