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The Dunin Clan in Poland comprises several families, like e.g. Dunin-Wasowicz, Dunin-Borkowski, Dunin-Karwicki, Dunin-Suligostowski, (Dunin)-Rajecki, and some others. All of them are descended from Piotr Wlast (Wlostowic), also known as Piotr Dunin (or Dunczyk (the Dane)). In the year 1124 he was given (or confirmed) his family crest LABEDZ (Swan) from the king of Poland, Boleslaw III Krzywousty (the Wrymouth).

From the Paprocki's armorial it follows that Piotr Dunin was a son of Wilhelm. However, in genealogies of the Dunin-Wasowicz and Dunin-Borkowski families in Zychlinski's armorial ("Zlota ksiega szlachty polskiej") it was cleared that Willhelm was a son of the Danish king, Erik I the Ejegod. If really so, this would mean that the Dunins are also descended from the Swedish king Ragnar Lodbrok (died 865 A.D.), as well as from several other kings of Sweden.

Even in Poland, and even among the Dunins, an opinion does exist that this is a legend.

However, Wilhelm was a historical person and biological son of Erik I. Besides, he had 12 sons himself, and only one of them is known by his given name to historians.