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About us

The Drueke project was started by Paul Drueke and Peter Biggins, descendants of Johann Drüecke, born in 1743 in Elspe, a small town in the Sauerland, a chain of hills in Westphalia, Germany. Westphalia was part of Old Saxony. Some of his descendants are known to have emigrated to the United States of America and settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Chanhassen, Minnesota. The name changed to Druecke and Drueke after emigration.

Paul's DNA is in haplogroup R. He has a unique value of 15 for the 108th marker 510. And he has SNPs U106, L48, Z9, Z7, and CTS10893. For more on these SNPs, see the U106 Project and the U106 Yahoo Group.

Paul has 67-marker genetic distances of 5 to 14 from 74 people, mostly with with English origins who have or are projected to have the same marker 510 and SNPs.

  • 5 Bennett from England
  • 3 Scott from England
  • 7 Self from England
  • 2 Arnold from England
  • 15 Ozment from England
  • 2 Wooten from England
  • 2 Lowder from England
  • 3 Ellis from Wales
  • 3 Price from Wales
  • 14 Russell from Scotland
  • 2 Armstrong from Scotland
  • 3 Moore from Ireland

Many people with English names have Saxon origins. The Saxons were Germanic tribes who invaded and settled the south and east of Britain from the early 5th century up to the Norman conquest in 1066. This area was called New Saxony to distinguish it from Old Saxony. The placenames Essex, Wessex, and Sussex are derived from Saxon.

This project is open to anyone with the Drueke/Drüecke surname or a variant. It is also is open to anyone from the U106 Project with Z7 DNA, regardless of name.

See the CTS10893 Saxon DNA Map for locations in New Saxony and Old Saxony where Johann Drüecke and other people with CTS10893+ DNA lived. See also CTS10893 Saxon Roots.