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Descendants of Emanuel Driggers and Joshua Old Jock Perkins
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Y DNA study of (1) male line descendants of Joshua "Old Jock" Perkins 1732-1801, including men who share a Y haplogroup with Old Jock descendants, and (2) ALL men with the Driggers surname, including variant spellings Driggars, Driggous, Driggus, and Drighouse, including all men who share a Y haplogroup with Driggers men or with descendants of Joshua "Old Jock" Perkins. See https://blog.familytreedna.com/big-y-breaks-down-brick-walls-african-ancestry/ Current Goals: * Determine which Driggers families are paternal-line descendants of Emanuel Rodrigues Driggus Driggers (born about 1607 and died about 1685); * Determine the relationships, if any, among the various Driggers families in America; * Determine the nature of the relationship between the Driggers and Joshua Old Jock Perkins families; and * Identify the paternal line of men who do not carry the Perkins or Driggers surname, but who share any of the Perkins or Driggers Y-haplogroups. Goals Accomplished to Date: * Proved Joshua Old Jock Perkins (1732-1801) was of African descent on his paternal line; * Proved George Perkins (1754-1840), Isaac Perkins (1756-1820), Jacob Perkins (1758-1819), Joshua Perkins Jr (1759-1840), and Lewis Perkins (1762-1848) are all descended from Joshua Old Jock Perkins.