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About us

The Drewry DNA project welcomes all who are interested in better defining the relationship between Drewry / Drury families. While the name has varied thought the centuries Drewry, Drewery, Drewie, Drewrye, Drowery Drury, Dreury, Drurie, Drieu, and Druri, our objective is to identify our common heritage through sharing of information and DNA testing. The early Drewry / Drury families mainly migrated though eastern England. In the early 1600s there was the emigration from England to Virginia, Maryland and New England. While we are able to tie a few of those lines together, to a large degree, we are still speculating as to how we are related. We hope that this project will help sort out all that so as to better define the Drewry / Drury family relationship and to assist the family genealogists with this genetic research and existing documentary evidence.