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About us

We seek to characterize the various Douglas/Douglass/Dugliss lines, descended from William De Duglas (1174-1214). The best known lines are the Red Douglases (headed by the Earls of Angus), the Black Douglases (headed by the Earls of Douglas), and the Douglases of Morton (descendants of the Black Douglas Line through Andrew of Hermiston).

We will do this by testing the Y DNA of modern Douglases who can trace their lines back to William (b1174) using conventional genealogical means. We invite anyone who can already do this to join the group.

We also aim to connect the various modern Douglas/Douglass/Dugliss lines to these old lines and thus search genealogically and genetically for their common linkages right back to William (b 1174).

We have a number of different modern lines being investigated at the moment. If you are interested in any of those listed below or would like to begin the investigation of your own family please feel free to join. The group is open to all those investigating their Douglas (Douglass,Dougliss etc.) genealogy.

1.Descendants of Hosea Dugliss, mirror maker of New York City, and then to find his forebears pre-1812 perhaps in Scotland.
2.The ancestors of James Douglas and Margaret Elliot of York, Maine (settled in Sedgewick) circa 1730
3.Ancestors of John Douglas and Elizabeth Ford of Surry Co, NC.
4.Descendants of Alexander Douglas, Reeth, Yorkshire, lived 1603