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Doty Doughty DNA

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About us

Project created Sept 2004.

Please post your Most Distance Ancestors, Surnames and GEDCOM  on the Doty Doughty Family DNA Project

Discussion group has been established for DNA questions, and sharing of family information.

Edward Doty Society

Regular membership is open to anyone descended from or having an interest in Edward Doty.  

Lessons in Genetic Genealogy

Testing the Y chromosome (Y-DNA) - The Paternal DNA, passed down from father to son, which is only found in males, and is useful in verifying common Ancestry.

Testing the mtDNA - The Maternal DNA test is available for both males and females, to uncover information about your mother, and her female ancestors.  This will only provide a direct DNA link on the maternal line. (Mother, Daughter).

Family Finders - test traces all of your ancestral lines. It uses your autosomal DNA to identify confidently relationships for five generations. This is different from our mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) tests. They trace clearly and exclusively the direct maternal or paternal lines.


Haplogroups;  (All Haplogroups)

Here are some of the R1 group.

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