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Project created Sept 2004.

Doty Doughty Family DNA Project.

Please post your Most Distance Ancestors, Surnames and GEDCOM.  

Lessons in Genetic Genealogy

Testing the Y chromosome (Y-DNA) - The Paternal DNA, passed down from father to son, which is only found in males, and is useful in verifying common Ancestry.

Testing the mtDNA - The Maternal DNA test is available for both males and females, to uncover information about your mother, and her female ancestors.  This will only provide a direct DNA link on the maternal line. (Mother, Daughter).

Family Finders - test traces all of your ancestral lines. It uses your autosomal DNA to identify confidently relationships for five generations. This is different from our mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and Y-chromosome DNA (Y-DNA) tests. They trace clearly and exclusively the direct maternal or paternal lines.


Haplogroups;  (All Haplogroups)

Here are some of the R1 group.

New R1 Z255 Group