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At the present time, there are C3 Doucets and R1b Doucets.  

As more men join the project, it is to be expected that there will be some who are neither C3 nor R1b.  

The preponderance of the evidence will eventually cause the emergence of patterns from which conclusions about the first ancestors of the various clusters of results may be drawn.  

In keeping with Kit 206660 (first cousin to the Group Administrator, Michele Doucette), an NPE took place within the family; otherwise, given the paper trail, the DNA results should have been C3b.

Kit 206660 shows this line to be R1b1a2a1a1b.  

In keeping with Kit 203487 (the same paper trail family, making him a third cousin to the Group Administrator, Michele Doucette), there is yet another strange happening.

Both Kit 206660 and Kit 203487 trace back to sons of Michel-Patrice Doucet and Anne Anastasie Mius, and yet the DNA results of these two siblings show that they only match on 17/37 markers (with 20 mismatches), denoting a mere a 46% match. With so many marker mismatches, this means that they are not even closely related.

Kit 203487 shows this line to be R1b1a2a1a1b4.

Please refer to DNA ADDENDUM July 3, 2013 located in the NEWS segment for more detailed information.

Kit 473459 matches Kit 206660 on 35/35 markers and 66/67 markers, the only match, to date, within the Family Tree DNA database. 

The gentleman re Kit 473459 was adopted and it will be another 10 years before he can access the information regarding his biological father. 

As a result, it may also be another 10 years before the NPE mystery can be solved with regards to the family of Michele Doucette, Group Administrator.