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All participants of the National Geographic Genographic DNA Project who are descended on a direct paternal or maternal line from any of the listed surnames are welcome to join the DNA Project!

For those of you interested in the National Geographic's endeavor called The Genographic Project, please go to this link:

Who Do YouThink You Are? Conference is scheduled for April in Birmingham, England. It is the largest genealogical conference in the world.  Your administrator will attend and will be handing out free DNA kits to any male with the Doolin (and variant spellings) surname (at the administrator's expense) who will test at the Family Tree DNA or the ISOGG booth. Stop by to say hello!

We have many lines we could test as it is wise to test at least two descendants from each line to get a true picture of our ancestor's DNA. Descendants of any Doolin (and variant spellings, regardless of country of origin) are needed for testing.

Here are only a few lines that have not been tested or need more testers.
        1. Various Doolin lines in Kentucky and Missouri
        2. Dulin and Duling lines in Virginia
        3. Descendants of the various Sugar and Rice Dulin lines
        4. Outlaw Bill Doolin of Oklahoma (NOTE:  One person has been tested, but we need another.  This test is free to a qualified male. Send the lineage to Emily at:

For anyone wishing to see how DNA samples are taken see Dave Dorsey's site at: