Donor Conceived

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About us

The main goals of the project are:

1.    A central location for donor-conceived individuals to locate half-siblings

2.    A central location for former and current donors to locate their biological children

Other goals of the project are to provide awareness to donor-conceived adults, former/current donors, and parents of donor-conceived children to the benefits and successes of using DNA tests to identify not only half-siblings but to give direction to the identity of the biological parent,and to analyze the DNA of donor-conceived adults in an anthropological light.

Benefits of joining the project are:

1.    A place to direct potential half-siblings to without dealing with costly and ineffective and inconclusive half-siblingship DNA tests using CODIS markers

2.    Ability to have expert advice on interpreting results and assistance on using resultsto identify potential biological parents

3.    Opportunity to be involved in a revolutionary project that can confirm donor relationships without the use of donor numbers, mother's DNA, or costly registries

4.    Opportunity to identify donor-conceived adult relatives beyond half-siblings (such as cousins)


Benefits for the donor conception community as a whole:

1.    Identify DNA trends among donor-conceived adults

2.    Identify relative groups who all acted as donors (such as fathers and sons or brothers)

3.    Identify donors who may have donated at multiple locations with different donor numbers

4.    Identify significant age gaps in donor-conceived half-siblings from the same donor