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Billie Heater Runyon Billie Heater Runyon
November 24 @ 3:46pm
I am a perfect match on mtdna to #123904. Is there a way to find out who this is?
David Martin David Martin
November 22 @ 10:19am
OK most of you know the Story of the indian stuff and The story was Jessie Dodson like 1640 James city {James town} was john Dodd's illegitimate son. It was disconnected on wikitree the other day after source was found to be in error. They had been connected to his daughter, Who was colonial. Her children go onto become pioneers. and my family, but now we cant prove her father. So I am no longer a Dodson.
David Martin
November 22 @ 10:20am
this is the {first known Dodson} I think in Jamestown.They exist but no source seems to tie them to each other. Doesn't mean it isn't true. Just no source.
David Martin
November 22 @ 10:22am
So in light of this new evidence, I am no longer a Dodson! I can only prove lineage to his daughter who cannot prove her father was Jessie Dodson now.
Yvonne Gammell Yvonne Gammell
November 5 @ 11:42am
Hi. I am a descendant of the double cousin marriage of Jesse Dodson and Ruth Johnson Dodson (with triangulated DNA cousin matches with Ruth's parents as the MRCA on Ancestry and here on FTDNA). I am assuming that that puts me in the Richmond Co, VA Dodsons, is that right? My Dodsons (some use Dotson now) ended up in Warren County, TN and intermarried with McGregors, McGees, Higginbothams, and Curtises. These are my maternal grandmother's people. Thanks!
Anna Dotson-Derby
November 6 @ 12:25pm
Hi Yvonne, Do you have birthdates and death dates for Jesse? There were many by that name and also dates for Ruth Johnson.
Yvonne Gammell
November 6 @ 3:24pm
Yep. It's crazy. LOL This is Rev. Jesse Dodson 1754-1843 and Ruth Johnson Dodson (she is a Dodson from birth, daughter of Elisha and Sarah Everett Dodson; Johnson is her middle name or so multiple sources say anyway) 1754-1828. Hope that helps.
Carol Ward Jeter Carol Ward Jeter
May 2, 2017 @ 8:12pm
My Dodson lineage starts with my mother Reida Fay Dodson 1942-2015, grandfather Hansel Reid Dodson 1910-1985, great grandfather William Harris Dodson 1886-1969, 2nd great Thomas A Dodson 1839-1913, 3rd great James Roger Dodson 1819-1899, 4th great Thomas Dodson 1765-1836, 5th great George Dodson 1737-1825, George was born in Pittsylvania County Virginia, died in Wayne County Kentucky. The rest ended up settling in Wayne County and slowly moved in to Texas. J. I have done DNA with Ancestry and I have uploaded to Gedmatch, my kit is A449881 if anyone is interested. Carol Ward Jeter
Connie Dodson
January 21, 2019 @ 5:46am has a fee, and the Hints may or may not be helpful. I suggest upload family tree you have and DNA to MyHeritage. They find matches. There is no fee. I uploaded my familytree and DNA of mr brother and myself at FTDNA paid for the Family Finder unlock at FTDNA. It is not expensive.
David Martin
August 10 @ 9:57am
David Martin
September 4 @ 11:40am
Carol Ward Jeter, Pretty simple John Dods was Married no children when he left Jamestown, Not sure he had children later. The only child attributed to him is the illegitimate Jesse Dodson. The line My tree comes from. He left James City and I think that is all we know about him, he disappears from colonial America, I cannot find the Name DOD or DODS in the colony after Jamestown 1640. I do find these, all known Dodson in the colony pre Revelation. Dodson (144) of them known to us.
Carol Ward Jeter
September 9 @ 2:43pm
David what is your Gedmatch #?
David Martin David Martin
August 10 @ 9:21am
Hi, I am David D Martin, grandson to Jessie Dodson and PROVED by CROSS DNA TODAY, That not only is the Dodson name attributed to the Powhatan legend, it marries into My Bledsoe side of that family that settled at least 3 states. My grandmother Marries Thomas Ball Bledsoe, a family that is DAR and french indian fighters who settled NC, Tennessee, and some of Kentucky. My DNA tests are BACK and I proved my line to The Martins of Athelhampton, but that just means JAMESTOWN America. this will be my ancestor in this group, 130882 Dodson John Dodson, Sr., b. Abt. 1680, Charles County, MD England R-M269 So not only Did my grandfather on my mothers side John Beauchamp, fund the expedition of the mayflower, he also funded the Jamestown party. This puts My Martin family in Jamestown as CAPT john Martin. This also has the ability to solve this Dodson fiasco. My grandmother My DNA to her Daughter. The DNA of Kari RIgg is my AUNT> somehow the DNA breaks here, but the DNA links are the same all the way before this. Anyone with YDNA to John Dod's of Jamestown So [English DOD'S] can now run my DNA against each other too see if they are indeed related to Jessie Dodson, and by the way Dodson is a term used by people to say this is that persons son but he doesn't admit it. It shows that people said who is that? they would behind his back say, that is Dod's son! hinting at illegitimacy, Now why would that be? the other way to use it to say who lives down there? it is the Dodson's. this establishes the new name in context to the Dod's
Carol Ward Jeter
August 23 @ 2:52pm
My Gedmatch kit is A449881
David Martin
August 31 @ 12:42pm
AU top one/Bottom is Y-37 ftdna RH1968296 y David Martin RU2608426 y David d Martin
David Martin
August 31 @ 12:43pm
David Martin
August 31 @ 12:50pm
Jessie Dodson is no doubt married in James City in around 1645. His Daughter Has a daughter who marries into the Ball Family, Her Daughter Marries the Bledsoe Family. her children settled 3 states. are DAR and SAR and Heroes in 3 wars.
Arthur Dotson Arthur Dotson has a question!
November 25, 2018 @ 6:11am
Hi, I am David Jones and I manage my 1st cousin’s (Arthur “Butch” Dotson) kit# 867969. Butch is awaiting his Big-Y and Family Finder results, but in the meantime, his 111-marker results are in and his initial haplogroup is I-M170. Our verifiable distant paternal ancestor is Joseph Harrison Dotson born 1797 in Cabarrus County, NC and died 1894 in Henderson County, NC. Butch is a 37-marker match with David Dodson, Genetic Distance of 0, who can trace his paternal ancestry to Thomas Dodson (1685-1760) of Pennsylvania, and a 67-marker match with Ronald Steven Dotson, Genetic Distance of 2, who can trace his ancestry to Richard Dotson (1752-1847) of Shenandoah County, VA & Tyler County, WV. My question for the team; can anyone trace Thomas’s or Richard’s lineage to either the vicinity of Mt. Vernon, KY and/or Cabarrus County, NC? According to Joseph Dotson’s War 1812 pension application, he enlisted in the Army at Mt. Vernon, KY. We are unfortunately at our brick wall. Thank you for your time.
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Arthur Dotson
January 22, 2019 @ 5:33pm
Hi Connie. We do - Happy searching!
Lathen Roberson
August 8 @ 4:55pm
My father is from this area, more specifically, Bumcombe County
Lathen Roberson
August 8 @ 4:57pm
I am on as Honeysmother1, can I view your tree?
Connie Dodson
August 16 @ 8:19pm
Arthur Dodson, apparently, I have to have an Invite to see your tree. My ancestry .com email is
Lathen Roberson Lathen Roberson
August 8 @ 4:37pm
TBH, not sure how I got linked in this group... does the site add you based on DNA? I've been genetically linked to Jarrett Glover Dotson. He would be my great-grandfather. I've seen some variations on the name Dotson, including Dodson... is there anyone else here named Dotson? Or, a relative of Jarrett... I really want to know if there are any pictures possibly of him or one of his three sons who carried the surname Brackett. Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give me....~ Robin (daughter of L. Roberson)
David Martin
August 10 @ 9:53am
run my DNA at GEDMATCH.COM RH1968296 y David Martin
Lathen Roberson
August 12 @ 6:06am
Ok... I don't know how to do that. A family member loaded my dad's dna... but, I can follow directions...
Roy Dotson Roy Dotson
November 13, 2018 @ 11:01am
Delbert Walker, I have just called Family Tree about being in the ungrouped question that I have and also your same question. Family Tree representative said they don't have anything to do with the groupings. That would be the administrator of the group. I have just email our administrator, Ray Dodson. Will let you know if I hear from him.
David Martin
August 10 @ 9:59am
He passed away!
Delbert Walker Delbert Walker
December 20, 2018 @ 4:41pm
Welcome to the new Administrator Mic Barnette , we sure need one.
David Martin
August 10 @ 9:59am
I am going to prove this line by DNA, it is almost done.
Betty Renick Betty Renick
February 2, 2019 @ 7:38am
Based on results from the yDNA male tests, I have matched some of the males tested with genealogical information I have gathered about the early and different Dodson and Dotson lines.
David Martin
August 10 @ 9:56am
RH1968296 y David Martin AU