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Dodd/Dodds DNA

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About us

Welcome, researchers of all Dodd/Dodds variant surnames. We are looking for more people to contribute DNA to the study to help us understand our past. 
If you are a male of Dodd descent, your Y-DNA is helpful in tracking where the family name originated from. 
If you are a female of Dodd descent, your MtDNA can only tell us where your mother's mother's mother's side came from. 
We are especially interested in Y-DNA. If you have no Y-DNA samples to give, you can still assist by funding other studies or convincing males in your family to participate.

If your family line is not currently in the DNA project, you can be the first. You may discover an unsuspected kinsman.

Those of you in Canada, Australia, New Zealand surely have cousins in the USA and Britain. Join us in finding those links.

The surname Dodd or Dodds is common throughout the English speaking world, but there are several Germanic variants. 
The 1880/81 census records list DOTTS, DODTS, DOTZ, DUTTS, DOOD surnames with recent connections to Germanic homelands. 
There was an early 1700's DODEN family in the colonies Where are these people now?

A study such as this gains it strength from numbers. The tool works best when the data pool grows.

Help us map the DODD/DODDS world!