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About us

The Afghan-Pakistan Y-DNA Project welcomes all those who come from, or trace their ancestry to the communities of present day Afghanistan or Pakistan.

With this Project, we hope to be able to map out the Y-DNA haplotypes of the various ethnic groups within this region. This will allow Project members to better understand their ancestral history by matching and comparing it against one another.

If you have yet to be tested and wish to join this group, or if you have any queries, please feel free to contact the Project Administrator.

We look forward to having you with us!

Please visit our blogsite at and our Facebook Page, where members share their research and opinions on issues.

Other Related Projects:

Please note that you can join as many Project Groups as you wish. Doing so allows you to find for more matches, and also get expert advice from other Project Group Administrators. (However, please do not leave our Project Group...)

Ashina Royalty DNA Project

Description: The Ashina were a ruling dynasty of the ancient Turks who rose to prominence in the mid 6th Century CE. They ruled over the Gokturk Empire, which flourished until the 740s CE. The empire was centered on the Orkhon Valley (present day Mongolia). After the collapse of the Gokturk Empire, branches of the tribe moved westwards into Europe and Eurasia.

Those who are from Y Haplogroup Q (and are positive for the SNPs L275 and L314) or those who trace their ancestry to Khazars and other Turkic areas should also join this group.

Arabian Gulf DNA Project

Description: This DNA Project is suitable for individuals who trace their ancestry to the Arabian Gulf. These includes those of Sayyid (Syed) and Qureshi descent.

India Subcontinent DNA Project

Description: This project group investigates the DNA for the Indian Subcontinent (including present day India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc).

Iranian DNA Project

Description: Those who trace their ancestry through Iran should also join this project. These may include individuals from Pashtun/Persian as well as Sayyid heritage.

Turkic World DNA Project

Description: Those who believe their ancestry may originate from the Turkic world (in particular present day Turkey, northwest Iran, Mongolia, etc) should also join this project group. 

You should also join Haplogroup Related Projects such as the Y Haplogroup L and Y Haplogroup R1a1a and Subclades DNA Projects.

Note: When you join the Afghan-Pakistan DNA Project, the Project Admin will assist you in joining your Haplogroup related DNA Project. Should you feel these projects joined on your behalf is not relevant to you, you can withdraw from them via your FTDNA home page.

Previous update: 22 December 2011 (28 Y-DNA samples and 7 mtDNA samples)

Latest update: 22 June 2012 (46 Y-DNA samples and 14 mtDNA samples)