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DICK, DICKE, DICKES, DICKERMAN, DYCK, DYCKES, DYCKS, DYKE, DIKE, DIKS, DICKS, DIX, DIXE, DICKIS, DICKUS, DICKAS, DICKEYS, DICKINSON, and any other reasonable spelling variations are welcome to join the project. Even the surnames of RICHARD, RICHARDS, & RICHARDSON are welcome to join if they see a genetic link.

THIS PROJECT IS A SURNAME OR Y-DNA PROJECT! Only males have Y-chromosomes. If you are female, you can have a male DICK/DICKS/DIX (or variant) relative submit a sample for your line.

Any mt-DNA or other-surname Y-DNA results will be irrelevant to the project surnames.

There is no point in atDNA or Family Finder test subjects joining this project. The site is not designed to display your results and matches.

Unfortunately, the recent TV shows on genealogy talk about "DNA tests" without telling viewers anything about the three different types and how they may -- and may not -- be used.

There is no point in joining a surname or Y-DNA project that represents one of your ancestral surnames unless you are an unbroken-biological-male-line descendant. There are Y-DNA and mtDNA projects, and even some atDNA projects. Please look for the appropriate ones, if you are not appropriate for this particular project. Thank you.

To participate meaningfully, it helps greatly if members share their direct male line ancestry back to the earliest known DICK/DICKS/DIX (or variant), both by listing their most distant known ancestor, and by posting a GEDCOM on their webpage on the FTDNA site.
If someone joins who does not have the target surname or one of its variations, I will leave them unclassified until I receive further information that indicates that there has been a change in paternal surname that provides meaningful background for the DNA results. DNA results need to be paired with sound research to be truly beneficial.