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How many times have you been asked if are related to Walt Disney? Have you ever wondered if you are related to the family that lived in the village of Norton Disney in Lincolnshire and were Sheriff's of Nottingham and Lincoln? The surname Disney is commonly regarded as originating from France with William the Conqueror. The old tombestones in Norton Disney Church still have the spelling D'Isigney. Isigney is a small town on the Normandy coast near to Bayeaux and famous for its dairy produce. It is known that the surname has also originated from another French name D`Assigney. Research is starting to suggest that there may be more sources. Why not join this project and help find out where the name comes from and if you are related to these two famous families. Stop press, there is now a DNA result from the Walt Disney family in the project and a genuine DNA profile for the Disney family from Norton Disney in Lincolnshire. This has enable three other groups to be linked to one of these families. It would be good if male Disney family members from Australia, South Africa and India could join the project as I know some families did move to those countries in the last century and before.