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GROUP ONE: Kit's 74201 (DILLON), 92067 (DILLON)  and 204739 (DILLON) are an exact 37/37 match to each other. Kit 91309 (DILLIN) is a 36/37 match to the first three Kits. All four men trace their ancestry to Peter Dillon, b. c 1754 (probably Ireland); d. 1823 Coshocton, OH; married Mary Veghte 13 Nov 1779 Six Mile Run Church, Franklin Park, Somerset Co, New Jersey.

GROUP TWO: Kit's 105149 (DILLON) and 107423 (DILLON) match each other on 36/37 markers. They both trace their ancestry to Jean Delon, b. Saulxures, Bas-Rhin, France; d. ?; m. Benitte Martin. [Descendants immigrated to what became Adams Co, PA in the 1730s.]
136816 (DILLOW) traces his ancestry to Peter Dillow b. c1757 VA; d. 1852 in Jefferson Co, VA (now WVA) and is a 35/37 match to 105149 and 34/37 to 107423.  Kit 178572 (DeLOE) is a 36/37 match to #105149, a 35/37 match to 107423 and a 34/37 match to 136816 and traces his earliest known ancestors to western Pennsylvania.

GROUP THREE: Kit's 113807 (DILLON) and 113683 (DILLON) match each other on 37/37 markers. They both trace their ancestry to Samuel James Dillon, b. 1758 Goochland Co, VA; d. 1836, Franklin Co, VA.

GROUP FOUR: Kit's 146084 (DILLIN) and 183043 (DILLON) match each other on 35/37 markers.   Kit N9736 (DILLON) matches 146084  and 183043 on 32/37 markers. Kit 326294 (DILLON) matches 146084 and 183043 on 35/37 markers and N9736 on 32/37 markers.  Earliest known ancestor for Kit N9736:  James Theopilious Dillon, Norfolk, VA (origins probably Ireland).  Earliest known ancestor for Kit 183043 is Patrick Dillon, b. ca 1832, Mullinger, Westmeath, Ireland.  Earliest known ancestor of Kit 326294 is Edward Dillon, b. 1826 Ireland; d. c1860 Tully, County Roscommon, Ireland.

GROUP FIVE:  Kit's 128053 (DILLON) and 123902 (DILLON)match each other on 35/37 markers. 
Kit 128053’s earliest proven ancestor is William Dillon  b. 1688- d. 1744 New Kent Co, VA. A gg-grandson of William Dillon was Ezekiel Dillon, b. ca 1797 in Henry Co, VA. Married Celia McPeak 15 Oct 1819 in Guilford Co, NC. Two sons, Elam Dillon and Absolum Dillon. [Elam was sometimes recorded as McDillon.] It is believed that Ezekiel's possible brother, John Dillon, married Sarah McPeak, sister of Celia.
Kit 123902’s earliest proven ancestor was James Dillon (who lived in Henry Co, VA in the 1760s), a grandson of  William Dillon  b. 1688- d. 1744, through William's son, Thomas Dillon.

GROUP SIX:    Kits 46829 (DILLOW) and 400365 (DILLOW) match each other on 12/12 markers.  They both identify their earliest proven ancestor as
Michael Hartman DILLOW b. ca 1730 Ger/France; d. Rowan Co, NC.
The following participants do
NOT match each other or any of the above 'matching sets', but have provided information on their earliest known ancestor:

N54552: Daniel DILLON, b. ca 1880 Crusheen, County Clare, Ireland; immigrated to America in 1900.

93838: John DILLON, d. ca 1757 Tyrell Co, NC. (origins probably Ireland)

171269: James DILLEN, b. ca 1775; d. ca 1845 Center Co, PA. Married Susana Rickard, b. ca 1775; d. ca 1850 Center Co, PA. James Dillen can be documented in Center Co, PA by 1795. 

Kit 236847: Reuben Miller DILLON, b. ca 1832 Kentucky; d. 7 Mar 1899 Amador Co., CA. Married Eliza Ann Satchwell in 1857 in California.

Kit 286940:   James Theophilous Dillon, b. bef 1718 and d. 1772

Kit 321870:  Robert Coram Dillin b. 1794, Northam, Devon

Kit B13206: Vix Dielenschneider, b. c1520 France; d. Dabo, Lorraine, France.  Descendants, surnamed DIELENSCHNEIDER or DILLENSCHNEIDER immigrated to America after 1850.  Some may have changed their surname to DILLON, DILLEN, DILLENSNYDER, SCHNEIDER or SNYDER


The following participants also do NOT match each other or any of the above 'matching sets', but have not provided information on their earliest known ancestor: 
Kit's #
97130, #N42889, #N169988, #75150, #128564, #151141, #327891 and #315401