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About us

The Dillman Family Association is working to find DNA cousins and to establish our Dillman ancestry. This project is open to all male descended Dillmans because of the Y chromosome which is passed from father to son is tested. If you are a Dillman woman, tell your male Dillman relatives of the project; you can join with your research and his sample. Members will be asked to purchase the 37 Y Chromosome test; considering on-line subscriptions, travel expenses and your time this group discounted rate may be one of your best genealogical investments.

Interested persons must contact Andrew at for the link to join the Dillman DNA project. Ensure DNA PROJECT is in the subject line.

The surnames in this DNA Project are researched as part of the Dillman one-name study. You can learn more about this significant research, and the the associated family trees, by visiting the one-name study web site at , or contacting the Group Administrator: