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Dewees(e) family historians report that this family name in America derives primarily from a single immigrant family in the 17th century. Extensive research by Dewees(e) genealogists indicates that Garrit Hendricks deWees, who arrived in New Amsterdam (New York City) from The Netherlands about 1663, was the likely male progenitor of the Dewees(e) line in America.*  Details and documentation of the Garrit Hendricks deWees family were summarized (Sept 2021) by Dewees/e family genealogist Elizabeth Nichols and are available HERE.

The human Y chromosome is passed from father to son, as is the family surname. Recent studies of genetic marker sites on the Y chromosome now make it possible to estimate the number of generations back to an ancestor shared in common by males having the same surname.

To study the question of single family origin, it will be critical to have DNA samples from Dewees(e) males who can unambiguously trace their family history back to one of the three purported sons of Garrett Hendricks deWees- William, Cornelius, or Lewis (also known as Lambert).   The exact parentage of Lewis Dewees has yet to be proved through standard genealogical records, but see for discussion: .  However, we encourage all Deweeses to join the project, even if there are breaks in your known Dewees(e) lineage.  Based on Y-DNA data gathered in this project, we may be able to assign a Dewees(e) male to his correct lineage.

 *   There is limited evidence that not all Dewees(e)  families in the U. S. derive from the family of Garret Hendricks deWees.  An analysis of historic U. S. Census records shows a small number of Dewees(e) men whose birth place is listed as one of the countries of the United Kingdom.  And current United Kingdom census records include  men with the Dewees(e) surname  living in countries of the U. K. 
     Additionally, there are many African Americans with the Dewees(e) surname who likely are not descendants of Garret Hendricks deWees.  Their ancestors took the surname of slaveholders having the Dewees(e) surname.  The 1860 U. S. Federal Census- Slave Schedule includes a number of Dewees slaveholders as well as Dewese and Deweace but no Deweese slaveholders.
   We encourage participation of Dewees(e) families who do not trace their lineage back to Garrett Hendricks deWees.  New findings could well expand the number of known Dewees(e) family lineages.  This note posted 1-9-14.  

See current Discussion of Results for this project at this web site under About This Group/Results:

Funding Available: Limited funds from the Dewees group General Fund are available to help defray costs for new participants based on need. Project Administrators will review prospective participant's need on a case by case basis. Please contact Andrew or Curtis Dewees for further details.