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About us

The Dewar Surname Study is now updated and includes both female and males with the surname Dewar in their ancestry. It will now include Family Finder and Mitochodrial studies. Originally, the Dewar Surname Study was a Y chromosome study open only to males with the surname Dewar or its spelling variants. It is intended to be an international study. The Dewar surname is more likely found in Scotland, Ireland, England, Canada and Australia. It is more limited in the United States. However, if those who have emigrated are ever to be connected, it is imperative that we expand as new tests become available and affordable. Participants will have to provide a minimum 4 generation pedigree. Participants will not be identified publicly. All results will be displayed identifying only the most distant ancestor. No information will be provided that identifies any ancestor born after 1900 unless requested by participant. Participants must sign release provided by Family Tree DNA to allow results to be compared with others in study. Participants may also elect to share results with others outside the study.