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About us

Participating is an opportunity to uncover information not provided in the paper records, which will help with your family history research. We will also discover which family trees are related. As the project progresses, the results for the various family trees will provide information about the evolution of the surname.

The Denman DNA project has some specific goals:

Are all Denmans related? Where did the surname originate?

Are the Somerset, Sussex, and Nottinghamshire Denmans related? Or did the surname spring up simultaneously in different areas of the country?

From which of these families do families now living in other countries descend?

Is the suggestion that the name was Dane-man, meaning someone who hails from Denmark, have any basis in fact?

Did the name begin as Denmann in Germany?

...and analysing Denman DNA will also help us to…

Discover information to help with our family history research
Discover information which may solve research problems, and/or resolve brick walls

Discover which family trees are related
Sort out multiple families found in the same location
Find any mistaken connections in family trees
Validate family history research

Sort out multiple families found in the same location
Confirm or get clues regarding migrations
Confirm suspected events, such as illegitimacy and adoption
Bridge gaps in the paper records
Confirm surname variants or find previously unknown variants 
Discover information to define the major branches of the tree going back to the origin of the surname 
Discover information about the evolution of the surname 
Discover clues regarding the origin of the surname 
Combine results with research in early records to determine the number of points of origin for the surname

To help individuals with smaller goals which they might have closer ties to
Discover information about our distant origins

I can’t promise you the answers to these questions but by contributing to the study we will all learn more about the name.

We need more Denman descendants from the Sussex and Nottinghamshire Denman branches to establish whether these branches are related.

Tests ordered through this project are charged at the special group rate which provides a substantial saving on the standard FTDNA price. I administer this project voluntarily and receive no payment or commission from FTDNA.