Deccan India Project

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About us

The Indian Subcontinent is home to the second highest diversity in human populations after the continent of Africa. While north India has seen immense flow and mixing of populations through out history, the lands comprising the Deccan plateau have incurred far fewer migrations with fewer admixture, and are hence home to some of the most ancient populations of India. The goal of this project is to study the diversity of these populations and reach back into history to learn their story.
 Any person who has ancestry from the 8 states of India comprising the Deccan plateau (south of the Vindhyas and Sathpura range) are welcome to join. People with ancestry from Lakshadweep, the Maldives, Andaman and Nicobarese and Sri Lanka are also invited to join owing to genetic and cultural affinities. Anyone curious is also welcome.
Please provide the cultural affinity of your oldest ancestor from these regions.