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About us

The Daglish and Dalgleish DNA Project supports the the One-Name Study research into the names Dalgleish with variants Dalgliesh, Dalglish and Daglish.

By adopting a dual approach which combines a Surname study which looks at the documentary records and combining this with DNA results it is hoped that significant progress can be made.

My original research was into the Daglish surname.

The main known branches of the Daglishes originate from County Durham and Northumberland in the United Kingdom - and most living Daglishes can trace their ancestors back to these English counties. Through the DNA project we hope to look at these different branches and compare for common ancestors.

Dalgleish, Dalgliesh, Dalglish
The name is locational referring to the lands of Dalgleish, a remote area in Selkirkshire in Scotland, where Over and Nether Dalgleish can be found. The name is thought to be from the Gaelic 'dail', field and 'glas', green.