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I am recruiting males with a Curd surname and for a minimum 37 markers. So far I have identified two main YDNA family groups and origins. The "English"(R1B-U198) origin England and the likely "Irish"(also R1b) from Virginia and Kentucky. The project normally supports you buying a Y 37 test kit first but if you have already bought different test from another company you can transfer the results and obtain a Family Tree DNA kit number. After you have a kit number, click on the "Join" button on the top right hand side of the screen, then when you have been accepted into the project one of the project Admins should contact you. Results so far; I have found Y-branches of "English" Curd in the project as follows; 1. Rye (SSX). There are two principal ones and a further two minor ones. 2. Buxted (SSX). 3. The Thames Watermen. 4. Canterbury, Kent. Some relatives with surnamed Allen may share this family YDNA. 5. Jonas and Lucy, the blacksmith from Hertfordshire. 6. CURDS (surname) from Essex. (All six families are R1B U198 haplogroup families with a few exceptions in each and the project is testing further with Big Y-700 which refines further a family matches and relates or separates it from others. 7. Maidstone, Kent. This is a different YDNA from the six previous family branches. Two branches of this tree shows a common ancestor of more than 200 years ago from these towns. the project is currently testing this. I am still looking for men descendants with Curd YDNA from; 8a Derby and Durham families, papermakers who came from Hertfordshire and 8b Charles's family, papermakers, born in Canada and Wales moving to AUS or NZ. 9. Dartford, Kent. With, possibly, no surviving males to test; 10. George and Kezia from Sevenoaks, Kent. 11. Richard and Harriet Eliza, of Pancras and Deptford. 12.The Solicitor's clerk family from Manchester. 13.The Woolwich boys. Y37 tests including Family Finder; 14.Tonbridge. John Curd born Maresfield (may be the same as the Buxted family), and wife Ann Maynard born Tunbridge. Some descendants of one Curd with may have a Russell YDNA and are welcome to take the Family Finder test in this project for a Curd or Maynard connection. The project has done some triagulation to view in the Chromosome Browser. I haven't made observations of the early-settling USA Curd family due to very few joining the project. If any man or a father is a Curd and who believes he, through his father's male genetic line, originates in Kentucky or Virginia or anywhere else are welcome to test. Email me with some history and family-tree. Members of the project own their samples and results and they can decline to show or share them.