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April 2015 Move the public page to the Groups format

April 2011 Welcomed a new Family Finder member to the project.

March 2011 Updated the site to be multi-user and collaborative. You may create a login and manager you tree on the same site as many other Cundiff Researchers. Upload trees, Histories, Sources, Pictures and more!

February 2011 There is 1 Cundiff Y67 Kit available at a discount. Contact the administrator for details. 

October 2010. The third member to join's results are in. They are available on the results page.

June 28, 2010. I have added more surname variants and updated the Project Goals to include use of Family Finder

May 6, 2010. I am considering adding the Family Finder for Cundiff. If you have purchased the Family Finder test and have Cundiff or variant Surname Ancestry let me know.

April 4, 2010. Update, second participant this week. Lab results still pending.

March 19, 2010 Update, Well, it has been a slow start, but we welcomed our first participant this week.