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July 12, 2012

Please take a minute to read this.  It’s about changes in the Cumberland Gap project and how, as one of the administrators, I’ll be communicating with you.  This is the last project/group e-mail I’ll be sending through the project. 

1.    The Cumberland Gap projects, y-line and mtdna, are huge, over 4000 members in the Yline project and over 2200 in the mtdna project.  It’s the largest mtdna project in the world and the second largest Y project.  That’s great, but it offers some unique challenges because of its size.

2.    We have been trying to organize the Yline project in a more useful manner.  Family Tree DNA does offer tools, but no bulk tools to move groups of people at once.  Each person takes about a minute to group and move, so if you do the match, that’s over 66 hours of someones time.  In addition, currently a bug exists which means we can’t do any grouping until it is fixed.  So, please, bear with us.  We are volunteers and we are doing the best we canJ


3.    Remember, we have the Yahoo group to facilitate discussions about genealogy.  It’s a great group, and if you’re not a member, please consider joining.  To subscribe, send an e-mail to:

4.    Because the project is so large, when I send e-mails through the project, I wind up with my e-mail address on some spam lists, so this is the last e-mail I’m going to send through the group.  I’m sending this last e-mail so everyone knows what they need to do to receive future communications.

5.    I’ve started a blog, which is where I’ll be providing information about genetic genealogy, sales, items of interest, etc.  The difference between this type of e-mail, which goes to everyone in the project, and a blog is that only people who are interested sign up for and receive the blog e-mails. 

The blog link is  Click on that link and then click on the little grey “follow” button on the right hand side of the blog page.  If you sign up, you'll receive an e-mail every time I post something about genetic genealogy. 

Currently, when I have something to say, I wind up posting to some lists and projects, but I know that I'm missing people who are interested.  This way, if you're interested in keeping up with things going on the genetic genealogy world, you have a way to do so.  In the future, I’ll be able to post more without bothering people who don’t want to hear about genetic genealogy news.  Currently, I always think twice about sending postings like this because I hate to bother people.  But now, since you sign up personally to receive blog postings, that will no longer be an issue. 

This means I won’t be sending any more messages through the Cumberland Gap project, so if you want to hear from me, you need to sign up for the blog.  There is some exciting news upcoming in the genetic genealogy world!

The new blog is a companion to my website,  If you haven't checked it out, please do.  You may be especially interested in the Publications tab as it is a rich source of free information.

Roberta Estes

PS - If you're interested in Native American Heritage or history, you might be interested in signing up for my other blog, as well.

May 23, 2008

What better time than Memorial Day to establish a Yahoo Group focused on the history of the Cumberland Gap area, its families and the DNA results of the descendants of our ancestors who settled those stunning mountains.

DNA has become a very important tool in the genealogists’ and historians’ toolbox, as it allows us to identify those to whom we are related, either within or outside of known family surnames.

For some time now, I've been trying to figure out exactly how to facilitate communications between our DNA project members, both yline and mtdna. I tried to set up a rootsweb group, but rootsweb told me that the Cumberland Gap was not a geographic location. Now I got a good chuckle out of that.

Fortunately, Yahoo groups is much more accommodating. I have set up a Yahoo group called Cumberland Gap History, Genealogy and DNA for our group members and anyone else who has a particular interest in the Cumberland Gap area.

The goal is to facilitate friendly discussions and the exchange of information both genealogical and historical about events that took place in that general geographic area, data that exists like tax lists, deeds, etc., and the families who settled and lived in this beautiful area.

Please join the group, have fun, learn a little something, share with others and find your family.

To join, send at e-mail to:

You will receive a confirmation message that you have successfully joined.

Then you can post messages by sending them to:

To check out the archives or other items on the webpage, you can visit the group at:

Communications from Penny and I will be through the Yahoo group and not through Family Tree DNA’s e-mail broadcast capability. The sheer number of participants causes us to be labeled as spammers, which is why we created the Yahoo group. Besides, it gives everyone a chance to chat.

Roberta Estes

February 12, 2007

Dear Cumberland Gap Y-line DNA group members,

Hello once again. I recently received a note from someone asking if I'm still the administrator of the group. I guess that means it's probably been too long since I've sent a note to the members. I apologize. Please take the time to read the entire newsletter, as it is lengthy, but there are lots of good tips and information that will help you with your genealogy and understanding the Cumberland Gap area and people.

As you've probably noticed, the group with 713 members has grown significantly. I used to send a personal welcome message to everyone, but the volume has gotten to the level when I just can't do that anymore, so welcome to everyone.

First, this project is for Y-line results ONLY, meaning your paternal line, the same as men's last name (unless they were adopted). If you have joined this project because your maternal (mother, her mother, etc.) is from the Cumberland Gap area, then you are in the wrong project and you need to unjoin the Cumberland Gap Y-DNA project and join the Cumberland Gap mtdna project using the blue JOIN button on your personal page. If your paternal and maternal lines are both from the Cumberland Gap area, then you need to join BOTH projects. This is the only way I can be sure that only the results that are relevant to the Gap are displayed. If you're in the wrong project, please take this opportunity to fix that problem.

For more information on how to work with your results, please see the project results section of this page.