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About us

The results of all the tests done so far can be seen on the Y-results page. A number of project members have taken the mtDNA test and their results can be seen on the mtDNA results page. To view outline pedigrees for all the project members, please look at the results page. This page also contains details of kits which are still with the lab or have not yet been returned. We have project members from Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Thailand and America. The distribution of surnames is as follows with their country of residence shown in brackets:
Crew (England) - 1
Crewes (Australia) - 1
Crews (America) - 17 (includes one female mtDNA test)
Crews (Australia) - 1
Crews (Canada) - 1
Crews (England) - 1
Cruise (America) - 1
Cruise (Australia) - 1
Cruise (England) - 1
Cruise (Ireland) - 1
Cruise (Canada) - 2
Cruse (America) - 8
Cruse (England) - 7
Cruse (Scotland) - 1
Cruse (France) - 1
Cruse (Australia) - 1
Cruwys (Australia) - 3
Cruwys (Thailand) - 1
Cruwys (Canada) - 1
Cruwys (England) - 6 (includes one female mtDNA test)
Cruwys (America) - 1
Krause (South Africa) - 1
Raney (USA) - 1 (matches a Cruse line from Mississippi on 66/67 markers) 
Screws (America) - 3
Scruse (England) - 1
Stokes (USA) - 2 (matches on 67 markers with Crews of Virginia)
The following lines are now represented:

Crew of Great Coxwell, Berkshire, England
Crewes of Gerrans/Liskeard, Cornwall, England
Crews of Plymouth, Devon, England
Crews/Cruse of Virginia, Georgia and Kentucky, USA
Crews/Cruse of Ashburton, Devon, England, and Newfoundland, Canada
Cruise of Cork, Ireland
Cruise of Dublin, Ireland
Cruise of Canada and Ireland
Cruise of Georgia and Mississippi, USA (an African-American line)
Cruse of Berkshire, England
Cruse of Bethnal Green, London, England
Cruse of Clovelly, Devon, England
Cruse of Louisiana and Mississippi, USA
Cruse of Kilkhampton, Cornwall, England
Cruse of Liverpool, England
Cruse of London (John Cruse and Mary Rook line)
Cruse of Ogbourne St George, Wiltshire, England
Cruse of Rode, Somerset, England
Cruse of Sampford Arundell, Somerset, England
Cruse of South Africa (of English origin)

Cruwys of Australia (of English origin)
Cruwys of Prince Edward Island, Canada (of English origin)
Cruwys of Mariansleigh, Devon, England
Cruwys of Winkleigh, Devon, England
Cruwys of Witheridge, Devon, England
Cruwys of Oakford, Devon, and Wiveliscombe, Somerset, England
Cruwys of Brushford and Dulverton, Somerset, England

Krause of Germany/South Africa

Screws of Georgia, USA
Screws of North Carolina, USA

Scruse of Urchfont, Wiltshire, England