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Early ancestry Participants are asked to email Alasdair Macdonald the project co-ordinator their early ancestry so that he can up-date information on the project results page. Email:

Project results are displayed in the table (see Y-DNA results page or mt results) as soon as they are available. When reading the following notes, please refer to the results table. Our sample is still very small so we encourage all CROSIER/CROZIER men to participate. The results are organized by sub-group and kit number. Thank you to all participants who have shared information regarding their early ancestry. Number indicates generation.

Kit 121888:
1. John CROZIER , of Kinawley (bc. 1730s? Derrylin area, Kinawley, Fermanagh - d. between end of 1766 - 22 May 1767).
2. John CROZIER, of Ballinamore (b.1761 Derrylin area, Kinawley, Fermanagh - d.25 May 1825 Ballinamore District, Leitrim, Ireland).
3. John CROZIER , Sr (bc.1798 Derrylin area, Kinawley, Fermanagh - d.20 Dec 1866 Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds County, Ontario, Canada).
4. John CROZIER, Jr (b.27 Nov 1827, Ballinamore Dist, Leitrim, Ireland - d.4 Mar 1904 Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds County, Ontario, Canada).
5. Robert "Rob" CROZIER (b.1 May 1857 Elizabethtown Twp, Leeds County, Ontario - d.9 Jun 1944 Bishops Mills, Ontario, Canada).

Kit 150726:
1. Samuel CROZIER, (bc.1824, Bailieborough, Cavan, Ireland - d.6 Dec 1883 Melbourne, Australia) was residing at Cornasaus, Enniskeen at the time of his marriage and was the son of Thomas CROZIER and Margaret. He married Mary JACKSON of Carrick-Gorman, Killenkere, 21 Nov 1849 Bailieborough, Cavan, Ireland.
2. John CROZIER, (bc.1855 Bealiba, Victoria, Australia - d.1937, Portarlington, Australia) married Margaret Ann PARKER on 29 Apr 1885 Numurkah, Victoria, Australia.

Participant 157243: no information available

Kit 119438:
1. James CROZIER (b.1779)
2. Charles CROZIER, of Drumhose, Parish of Magheraculmoney (bc.1814) was the son of James CROZIER and married Elizabeth JOHNSTON of Knockroe, Magheraculmoney. They married on 12 March 1846 in the Parish of Magheraculmoney, Fermanagh, Ireland.
3. Thomas CROZIER, of Drumbarn, Parish of Magheraculmoney (bc.1853-1927) was the son of Charles CROZIER and married Mary Jane CHITTICK also of Drumbarn (1866-1941). They married on 23 May 1882 in the Parish of Magheraculmoney, Fermanagh, Ireland.
4. Francis Christopher CROZIER of Drumbrick, Ederney (b.1905-1936) was the son of Thomas CROZIER and married Helen Penelope SWANSTON of Prucklis, near Pettigo, Fermanagh. They married on 26 March 1928, at Turbid, Fermanagh, Ireland.

Kit 180858:
1. John CROSIER (bc. 1700)  in 1748 he is in Pelham, Province of Massachusetts Bay
2. John CROSIER (bc.1737) married Thankful_____?, Province of Massachusetts Bay
3. Philip CROSIER (b.5 Oct 1772) married Abigail NICHOLS, Halifax, Vermont
4. Benjamin M.CROSIER (b.2 Sept 1803) married Lucina BROWN, Halifax, Vermont
5. Melvin B.CROSIER (b.13 Dec 1849) married Lena DAVENPORT, Colrain, Massachusetts, USA
6. Robin E.CROSIER (b.1 June 1886) married Cora DAVENPORT, Colrain, Massachusetts, USA
Crozier DNA Research:

Kit 203266:    
1. John Crozier d.1799-Turbett Twp., Mifflin Co.,PA.--
2. John CROZIER, b.Aft.1757, Cumberland Co., PA; d.Aft.1830, Turbett Twp., Mifflin Co.,PA.--
3. David CROZIER, b.Abt.1792, Juanita Co., PA; d.January 20, 1857, Bloominggrove Twp., Richland Co., OH.
4. Samuel Crozier, b.Abt.1839, Shiloh, OH. d Kingman AZ
5. Samuel Franklin Crozier, b. Crozier Ranch, AZ
6. James Cedric Crozier, b.1916, Fresno, CA.
7. Private Crozier


Participant 55831:
1. James CROZIER married Mary Woods CROZIER and emigrated from Ireland to Harrisburg, PA in 1824. They then moved to Kankakee, Illinois, USA. They had four children:
2a. John CROZIER who married Mary Jane RITCHIE.
2b. James CROZIER.
2c. Margaret CROZIER married John McELROY on 11 Feb 1840, they had 11 children. 3. John McELROY, (b.07 Jul 1861 - d. 05 Mar.1938) who married Cora Jane COOPER. This is the grandfather of the participant.
2d. Mary CROZIER who married John HOOD.


Kit 157205:
1. John CROZIER married Sarah CROZIER and lived in Ireland.
2. John CROZIER (b.1809 - d.1858 married Mary DEFORD (b.1818 – d.1890).
3. Charles CROSIER (b.1855 - 1912) married Lucina WILHAM (b.1863 – b.1923).
4. John L. CROSIER Sr (b. 1899) married Stella GILLESPIE (b.1906).

Kit 163374:
1. William CROZIER - (Not known) - Buried in Ireland - Never came to Canada.
2. William CROZIER - (1800) Born in Ireland - Buried in Mount Forest, Ontario.
3. William CROZIER - (1821) Born in Ireland - Buried in Burk's Falls, Ontario.
4. Robert CROZIER - (1862) Born in Normanby Township, Ontario Canada - Buried in Burk's Falls, Ontario.
5. Joseph CROZIER - born (1908) in Burk's Falls, Ontario Canada - Buried in Burk's Falls, Ontario. It appears that the family came to Canada in 1837.