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About us

The CRAYTON Surname DNA Project is registered with Family Tree DNA of Houston, Texas. Family Tree DNA was chosen as our testing company because of their leadership in the field.

We hope to connect lineages who share a common ancestor. Also, anyone with a different surname that suspects a connection to the CRAYTON surname is welcome to participate in this project.

Genetic genealogy through DNA testing is a fairly new and fast growing field of genealogical research. It is used to identify individuals and reconstruct family relationships. Many ethnic and one-name societies are participating in DNA testing to connect with others who share a common ancestor. These groups can be located through a simple search of ethnic or surname societies and DNA on the Internet.

DNA testing can also connect researchers to that elusive ancestor or to an ancestor's unknown homeland as well as connecting to another family of the same surname. DNA testing will answer that question. Family Tree DNA offers project members a discounted rate for each individual test.

The success of our project will depend on the number of participants who join our testing group.