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The Big News --

1)  We have established that a majority of the Crago's and Craigo's tested share a Recent Common Ancestor (RCA).

2)  We have documented a DNA link to our Recent Common Ancestor (RCA) in Cornwall, England for most of the Crago's and Craigo's of America.

3)  We have shown that some Craig's in America share the "Thomas Crago DNA Profile" with Crago's and Craigo's.

4)  We have shown that, for genealogical purposes, there is no practical distinction between the Crago and Craigo surnames.

General Fund
- Anyone supportive of this research effort can donate to our project General Fund. We use this fund to reduce the costs to volunteers for participating in the research project. Any gifts are very welcome and helpful.

Financial Assistance - Your testing costs can be covered in several ways. Contact one of the Project Administrators for directions on how to join at a substantially reduced cost to you.

Volunteer Needs - Read the Goals tab above for some of our current volunteer research needs.