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About us

The Craft Surname Project was created on May 17, 2005 in order to use Y DNA results to identify various family lines and to see if these lines intersect.  Any male with the CRAFT, CROFT, KRAFT surname can participate. We need more representatives of all lines to determine the profile for each line.  

With the advent of autosomal dna testing, however, females descended from male Crafts, Crofts or Krafts and males descended from female Crafts, Crofts or Krafts can also find Craft relatives.  

In order to join, we ask that you first provide one of the administrators with a pedigree, in the form of a gedcom file, if possible, or a pdf relationship report.  This is in addition to any family tree you have uploaded to  The purpose of submitting it to one of the administrator is so that the information can be entered in a master Craft database we will maintain, to make lookups quick and easy.  

Pedigree information should begin with yourself and go back to your earliest known Craft ancestor, and include spouse's name and dates and locations of birth, marriage, and death in each generation.  If you have the same information on all children in each generation, you are also encouraged to include it, because that is what helps us connect members with prospective members from their direct line.  

We also encourage you to contact us with your Craft pedigree, even if you are not currently a member who has tested for the project.  We may be able to put you in contact with a person from your own line who has already tested, or someone looking for a y-dna candidate to sponsor.  Some of these contacts may be willing to share the cost of a test.  

Thank you.